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Cycling, cycling, and more cycling.

For shenanigans and fun.

Who needs to tutor when you can just iterate through your whole deck? Show

This is version 3 of this deck. The first one was with Zur , until I learned the hard way that he is a commander that is not fun to play with or against. He's far too controlling and too cheaty to really allow anyone at the table to have any fun. Shu Yun was version 2, but he didn't do anything other than allow the color combo. Now with Breya , it looks like we've finally found a balance!
As it turns out, Ya Girl Breya is a reliable toolbox (sac outlet, removal tool, and burn source) for the deck, in addition to allowing the deck to contain as many cards with cycling as possible. Modern Horizons also gave us two huge boons in Astral Tokyo Drift and Tectonic Reformation , the latter of which cranks this deck into high gear, especially with New Perspectives making cycling so long as you have 7+ cards in hand—a feat surprisingly easy to accomplish between

Decking oneself is definitely a probability, hence Labman 's presence here, but between

you'll likely kill at least one opponent long before you deck yourself.

The first draft of this deck was way too controlling, the second one didn't do much of anything, and now with version 3, the deck is surprisingly interactive and allows for some interesting diplomacy at the table (which is why I run Spectral Searchlight over other manarocks—being able to negotiate to grant another player a mana they need is an easily overlooked tool in your back pocket).

The manabase is primarily lands, and the reason is that for the most part, this deck doesn't particularly need to ramp. Artifact lands provide Breya a reliable sac target, cost no mana to play, and no useful mana rocks can cycle anyway. Bolas's Citadel helps get around some restrictions with mana costs, but honestly, its main usage is looking at the top of your deck and planning your next cycle chain. Tectonic Reformation allows lands in hand to cycle, which suddenly turns all the basics, shock lands, and artifact lands in hand into a way to keep your cycle train going.

Originally, I wanted to run War Tax , as I personally really like the card and I own a gorgeous foil one (the old blue spell frame is spectacular in foil imo), but as it turns out, Isperia is a deceptively strong and thoroughly sufficient deterrent for swinging, especially when your opponent realizes that you're very likely going to draw cycling cards, removal spells, or just buff the hell out of blockers like Toothy or any of the beaters that get bigger when you cycle.

  • Perpetual Timepiece : This card allows you to restart an otherwise dead cycle chain in order to combo out because it lets you choose the cards you shuffle back from your graveyard, unlike other options like Feldon's Cane or Elixir of Immortality . So you just choose only cycling cards and maybe a crucial artifact you'd lost by this point to removal that can't be recurred by other means.

  • Jeskai Ascendancy : This card can trigger when you actually cast things instead of just cycle, buffing your board, and providing some pseudo-cycling when you need it.

  • Library of Leng : Note that this card's effect does not work on pure cycling—the discard for cycling is a cost, not an effect. That being said, the card is still useful as it is a 1-mana shutdown to discard decks, combos very well with Jeskai Ascendancy (especially if the Archive is on the field).

  • Abandoned Sarcophagus : While this seems like an auto-include on paper (and it is), it has a nasty drawback of exiling things that would hit the grave without being cycled. This makes sense for instants and sorceries, but it can hurt a lot with creatures. Don't forget that this card can be recurred with Sun Titan , so it's prime sac fodder for Breya !

  • Rhystic Study : This card doesn't do a whole lot on its own, so there's no sense in actually casting it unless it's turn 3. The most notable aspects of this spell are that Zur can cheat it out and it lets you gauge how important your opponent's spells are to them (whether they pay the tax). Also, once you have Crawler , Niv-Mizzet , or Archive on the board, they'll think twice about every spell they cast. This also allows negotiation at the table to convince you to ping someone else if they aren't casting something to deal with you.

Maybe cards include War Tax , Hollow One , Ancient Excavation , and Scout's Warning , but I don't think they're necessary. The usage of all of them is very niche, and too much so to warrant inclusion. If commander had a sideboard, these cards would be on it.

Hopefully this gives other people ideas to explore the possibilities of janky decks for the purposes of fun and group interaction.

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