This Oloro deck is different than most Oloro decks because it doesn't use lifegain as its main function. This deck has 6 combos to win. Other than that, it pillows, but not in a nice way. Using enchantments to control the board, I use many cards that deny any creature activity with a few counters to help support spell effects as I tutor or draw into my win cons.

Also you will notice a lot of my combos are mill combos. I built this deck around graveyard removal/hate to help support the combos such as Rest in Peace, Leyline of the Void, Planar Void, Gravestorm , Web of Inertia ,and Bojuka Bog.


(1) Test of Endurance- Life win

(2) Spell Crumple/Hinder+Tunnel Vision- Mill 1 Person

(3) Beacon of Immortality+ False Cure - Kill 1 Person

(4) Stuffy Doll+Guilty Conscience- Kill 1 Person

(5) Rest in Peace/Leyline of the Void+ Helm of Obedience- Mills 1 person

(6) Duskmantle Guildmage+ Mindcrank - Kill 1 person

(7) Guile+Enduring Ideal+Dovescape- over 9000 Creatures!

Other Combos:

(1) Rest in Peace+ Energy Field

(2) Death Pits of Rath +Lightmine Field (Also Humility)

(3) Rest in Peace+ Gravestorm

(4) Humility+Night of Souls' Betrayal

(5) Rest in Peace+ Web of Inertia

I would love your comments and suggestions!


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I've added a few more win conditions as well as better board control cards that will help keep the field clear. And most importantly, better tutors.


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