My first commander and the one i love the most.

The current theme of the deck is to tutor creatures into the graveyard and cast the strongest Mimeoplasm possible, also looking to protect it from the many harms the current commander decks could offer, by using counterspells, or looking for a hexproof, indestructible or shrouded Mimeoplasm. Haste is also a must since in multiplayer it takes too long to come back to your turn, and if you don't have a way to counter or protect The Mimeoplasm, it could be the target of destructions, when not indestructible, bouncing back to your hand when it's not hexproofed, or the victim of wipes when it is, since it represents a gigantic threat sometimes. No one wants a 29/29 indestructible creature just laying there, waiting to kill you, so timing is everything, and knowing the harms that could come in your way sure helps think through your strategy to win.

The presence of tutors and gravetutors makes it possible to find the most viable creatures according to the moment. Cards such as Buried Alive, Jarad's Orders and Final Parting are a very safe way to fill both your graveyard and your hand with the creatures you need the most, the ones i always find myself searching are: Simic Sky Swallwoer, Death's Shadow, Krosan Cloudscrapper, Impervious Greatwurm, End-Raze Forerunners, Blackcleave Goblin and Sagu Mauler, either for their raw power abuse, or their utility, depending on the game. For example, if i'm planning to destroy all creatures with a Nevinyrral's Disk, i'd rather have an indestructible Mimeoplasm at table, or if i know the opponents have too many ways to target and destroy/bounce my precious commander, of course i will prefer it to be shrouded, or, if the opponent is full tapped after an assault, haste is what i'm going for to answer that assault possibly with lethal damage, since if you deal 21 CMDR damage, or 10 poison counters the game is over, and trust me, with this deck you DO have the tools to pull that off very oftenly.

However, things are never as easy as they sound, and offensive power, unfortunately is not everything, so maybe sometimes the board is too full, and you know you can't survive another strike, so why not look for a Fog, or Blunt The Assault? Preventing damage sometimes is all you need to foil the opponent's plan and counter-strike to turn it around.

Besides tutoring, there are also ways to filter your deck, be it by discarding your creatures and drawing more cards with Compulsion, sending what you want straight to the graveyard before drawing with Sultai's Ascendancy, and mana ramping/fetching. Another possibility is to use bounce lands to surpass your hand limit and discard at your clean step, or if you wanna be fancy, Cast Mimeoplasm copying Prime-Speaker Zegana, with a bunch of counters, draw cards for days, and discard whatever is more useful in the graveyard, since, besides being powerful, Zegana is pretty much a sitting duck for removals. Cycling creatures and lands can also be very useful, since it provides both card and graveyard advantage.

The counterspells play two important roles in this deck, one is protecting yourself from anything that could offer a threat to your plans, and other is to send to the graveyard a creature that might be interesting for you to copy with the Mimeoplasm, wich is one of the coolest things about him, besides being versatile, it's an even stronger version of said creature. You will be looking at graveyards all the time looking for treasures, like some drunk goth teenager or something.

I also love the color identity and tried my hardest to balance the three colors and use the best elements of each one, the control of the blue spells, the awesome green creatures and the blackish graveyard shenanigans. Mash it all together into a blender and you get a very deadly mix.

Thank you so much for checking this out, any suggestions are appreciated.

I do not consider this a competitive deck, even though it has some 'pricy' (yet satisfying) cards such as Cyclonic Rift, Mana Drain and Death's Shadow, its budget is not too high, it's made for having fun with friends, not too overpowered, yet a reasonable threat to the opponent players. The whole deck turns around the commander, what some would call a "Voltron", and can possibly win by commander damage/poison counters/straight up combat damage.


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