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Dr. Jumblemorph and his Super Secret Squirrel Army

Commander / EDH* Casual GW (Selesnya) Theme/Gimmick Tokens



Crossbreed Labs UnCommander Deck, just for fun. Based on the Host/Augment mechanic with a minor squirrel theme. Cheatyface is the 101st card in the deck and is off color of the commander in the spirit of the card itself (he cheated his way into the deck).

Theme song: Weird Science by Oingo Boingo

Angelic Rocket + Serpentine

Do-It-Yourself Seraph + Gleemax

Do-It-Yourself Seraph + Mox Lotus

Do-It-Yourself Seraph + Rules Lawyer

Gnome-Made Engine + Half-Squirrel, Half-

Helm of the Host + Rules Lawyer

Divine Visitation + Earl of Squirrel


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