Dr. Julius Jumblemorph


Format Legality
Custom Legal
Leviathan Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Magic Duels Legal

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Set Rarity
Unstable (UN3) Mythic Rare

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Dr. Julius Jumblemorph

Legendary Creature

Dr.Julius Jumblemorph is every creature type (even if this card isn't on the battlefield).

Whenever a host enters the battlefield under your control, you may search your library and/or graveyard for a card with augment and combine it with that host. If you search your library this way, shuffle it.

Dr. Julius Jumblemorph Discussion

CavemanlyMan on Every tribal possible. Literally every tribal

1 week ago

I forget to mention that you are missing Mistform Ultimus . Also if you don't care that it's a silver bordered card there is also Dr. Julius Jumblemorph

FreakAlpaca on Clever combo

1 year ago

Really Epic Punch is really the only form of removal, so I think you should run 4 instead of 2 replacing a Clever Combo and a Dr. Julius Jumblemorph.

Phaetion on Unstable in EDH

1 year ago

This is something I've been wandering recently. I want to build a 5-color Host/augment deck (or 2 color with Dr. Julius Jumblemorph), but I'm not sure if the next playgroup I join will allow it. I'm too interested in it to wait.

WUBRG97 on Welcome to Crossbreed Labs!

1 year ago

Hi, awesome decklist :D

I am starting to build my own Dr. Julius Jumblemorph EDH Deck. I really like your squirrel Sub-theme, might add some of that as well in my deck :)

I dont know if you have seen the combo yet, but if you want to power up the deck you could add some tutors so it would be easy to play the host-augment combo of:

Rzepkanut on Dr. General Tazri Jumblemorph?!?

1 year ago

Is there a better commander to enable a host/augment deck? Its unfortunate that Dr. Julius Jumblemorph is only 2 colors, he is gonna have to be tutored up all the time in order to play 5 colors. Thats why General Tazri seemed good, she can tutor him up reliably, is cheap money wise, and is 5 colors. Any better ideas?? Any medium good ideas?? Anything??

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