75% Simic Hydra Tribal

Created this deck to satisfy the inner Timmy in me.

Game Play:

1.) Ramp

2.) Cast monstrous hydras

3.) Smash

Dependence on the commander: Vorel is critical in the early game if we have any rocks ( Astral Cornucopia , Everflowing Chalice ) or Gyre Sage in play to accelerate us further. This deck is mana hungry; the more mana we have the more bigger our hydras become. Mid to late game the deck is not very reliant anymore to our commander as there are numerous ways to double the +1/+1 counters or power of our hydras. We have a minor proliferate sub-theme in this deck; Contagion Engine , Fuel for the Cause and latest additions from WAR Evolution Sage and Karn's Bastion . Doubling Season is an all star; whilst Winged Temple of Orazca both give evasion and power boost to one of our hydra.

ALternate Wincon: Darksteel Reactor - in a deck which manipulate counters easily getting to 20 charge counters is very feasible.

+1/+1 Synergies: Aside from the obvious synergies with our commander there are other cards in the decks that works well with the main theme- Herald of Secret Streams - makes our team of hydras with multiple +1/+1 counters unblockable

Simic Manipulator - gain control of any creature as long the manipulator has enough counters

Spike Weaver - source of damage prevention in the early game while we ramp

card:Fertlid and Evolution Sage synergizes well with each other and providing us with constant ramp


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