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130$ Niv-Mizzet Spellslinger and Casual Combos

Commander / EDH* Budget Casual Combo Multiplayer Spellslinger UR (Izzet)



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My first combo deck. (and first deck on tapped out, forgive me if the formatting's strange)

The goal is to ramp and control our opponents until we can cast Niv, slap a Curiosity effect on him to draw the entire deck. If that doesn't work, as the Curiosity + Niv-Mizzet, Parun combo fizzles when we run out of card in the library, we can go for a Laboratory Maniac win or use the tokens from Talrand, Sky Summoner and damage from Guttersnipe and Electrostatic Field to get through.

Combo usually gets a ton of flak where I used to play magic, but now I'm at a place where the people are a tad bit more cutthroat. So now I want to spread my wings and play an archetype I don't usually play, which is anything that isn't fat creatures/tokens beating guys over the head. As this is my first time playing in this archetype I'm going to playtest it for a while in cockatrice before I buy it so feel free to comment any suggestions or questions and thanks for reading.


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