Mathas Grouphug - try to get opponents to draw (hence so many mine effects), then benefit from it (see smothering tithe / mind's eye etc) and generally allow everyone to continue playing commander (lifegain for everyone, oath of lieges etc) - way to win is to make everyone draw a bunch with tithe out, or to make everyone wheel with waste not out, and then cast one of the X spells from either hand or graveyeard through recoup

Trying to keep it relatively budget, only reason for thought vessel is because I already have one :p The other more expensive cards seem kind of necessary? but feel free to suggest other options.

In defence there is a small lifegain subtheme to keep yourself alive (with a payout of well of lost dreams) and there is a subtheme for stealing the good stuff that people get and wheel, or that get killed for the bounty.


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