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Hungry Hungry Hellion

Commander / EDH RG (Gruul) Tokens


Welcome to my commander deck featuring the gluttonous Thromok the Insatiable

Do you like stupidly large cretures?
Do you like one-shotting people?
Do you like maths?

If the answer to any of those is yes, then this is the deck for you. The general premise of the deck is to generate tokens using the numerous token generators then devour them to our commander. It's important to know that Devour happens after Thromok resolves, meaning if he is countered, you keep your tokens. His Devour mechanic also works by the square root table, e.g. 4 tokens makes him a 12/12, 12 tokens makes him a 144/144.

Let's start with building our menu for Thromok. This decks run a wide variety of creature and non-creature token generators. Depending on your hand, the 'sweet spot' for Devour is either 5, for commander damage or 7 for generic one-shot. Some of the best generators come from Dragonlair Spider, Dragon Broodmother and Mycoloth. If they can stick around, they will advance our token generation quite vastly. Of course, any of our Eldrazi token generators are great as we can either ramp or devour them, depending on how far we are through the game. From Beyond can also be used to fetch us a creature when we don't need the single token a turn. Should our tokens succumb to a board wipe, Fresh Meat restores our board state with 3/3's. This can also be done from Thromok's Devour ability.

So we have setup the buffet and Thromok has arrived and eaten our entire creature base. Heroic Intervention protects Thromok and all our permanents. If our Thromok is large enough Fling, Gravitic Punch, Thud and Soul's Fire can one-shot players who try to mess with us. Brawn and Anger give us trample and haste, two texts our Thromok sorely needs. Mage Slayer deals the damage before it even connects, meaning we don't need to worry about trampling through. Should our commander be hated off the board, you can respond with Miren, the Moaning Well or Momentous Fall to gain a huge chunk of life/cards so his death is not in vain. Should our large Thromok plan fail, we have Burn at the Stake to help deal some damage since the deck is very good at going wide with tokens.

Latest additions Footfall Crater - The 2 keywords Thromok is sorely missing conveniently stapled onto one card. Deep Forest Hermit - 5 bits of food to Devour Predator's Rapport - That's a lot of life to gain

Thanks for checking our the deck. This deck is an absolute blast to play and can certainly hold it's own around a table. If you liked this deck, feel free to check out my other commander decks below:

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