Myr Moonvessel


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Darksteel (DST) Common

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Myr Moonvessel

Artifact Creature — Myr

When Myr Moonvessel is put into a graveyard from play, add (1) to your mana pool.

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Myr Moonvessel Discussion

On3wheels on Sidisi's Reign Of Filth

1 week ago

Since you are already running Culling the Weak, Myr Moonvessel is great. Makes Ad Nauseam very easy to cast early.

CardTyrant on [Upgraded][C14] Built From Scratch - Tinker Deck

3 weeks ago

For the infinite combo to go off, you need a noncreature artifact. Right now I only see two: Sol Ring and Skullclamp. I would run at least four-five. I would suggest some of these goodies.

PookandPie on Turn 4 Win EDH (Arcum Dagsson Competitive)

8 months ago

I've been playing Arcum heavily since 2013 (my first Commander deck actually), and jumped right on the Paradox Engine train. I'll share some of my random musings with you that I've learned by playing against tier 1 and other tier 1.5 decks:

I hated drawing Possessed Portal. Like, a lot. It didn't help my game plan almost 100% of the time (I think I only comboed with it once post-Engine, and that was because I forced it to make a point), and if I used Arcum to tutor it, then I could have most likely won the game in that same turn. Removing Portal for another, lower cost card allowed me to improve the odds with which I went off with Engine, and I really haven't looked back since its removal (that, and against Doomsday/Ad Nauseam decks, Portal doesn't really do anything. It's great against them if you can drop it before they can cast theirs, but you're at a severe disadvantage: Either you have to cast a 4 mana guy with summoning sickness to even grab it, or you have to pay out 8 mana to stop them from cantripping through their pile of 5 cards and winning. Logistically speaking and outside of the craziest of godhands, it just didn't help me at all, is what I'm saying).

I'm not sure why Mycosynth Lattice is still in the deck, since you no longer run Nevinyrral's Disk or Darksteel Forge. The only thing I see it really mattering for right now is Unwinding Clock for Arcum shenanigans on each opponent's turn, but that's significantly slower than Engine to assemble.

Haven't been a fan of Null Brooch since adding Engine. At 4 + 2 mana to cast and activate, it is way too difficult to cast it before stopping troublesome spells in competitive environments. Odds are if you pull it via Arcum, you could've just pulled Engine and gone off on that same turn. Also, Brooch basically cuts you off from an Engine win, which I find less than satisfactory. I actually pulled Brooch and just started running more counters, lol. Dunno if that helps you or not.

Suggestions for adds:

Phyrexian Revoker- a strong dork that can mess with Hulk sacrifice strategies, Food Chain activations (which Pithing Needle distinctly can't do), and tons more. Also fodder for Arcum if you need it.

Back to Basics is one of my favorite stax pieces in this deck. It hurts other competitive decks pretty significantly (well, non-Flash ones anyway. Even Ad Nauseam is trying to build up to 5-6 mana, and Doomsday typically wants 6 to go off on the same turn)

Myr Moonvessel or Hope of Ghirapur can be useful 1 drops. Or, another 0 drop in the event that you draw one of your two before you can go straight for Monolith + Staff + Rings after assembling Engine + Flute.

There's also things like Spell Pierce and the like which may help too.

Anyway, hopefully this helps.

SigHappy on Heartless Myrs of the Brood

8 months ago

Hi, i was thinking, isn't Mill a little weak condition to win? May i suggest adding Falkenrath Noble? I don't have a clue of how it will perform, but you may cast him for 1 with Heartless Summoning and have it deal infinite damage as you moove Myr Moonvessel back and forth from play. Also it comboes well with the rest of the deck and gives you a bunch of life wich might help against burn matchups. Also Dross Harvester maybe.

SmokeyBear15 on Let 'em Die [Primer: Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker]

9 months ago

Also, Aetherworks Marvel is obviously amazing in this deck, and especially if you go the Artifact route like I mentioned above. Then you could do crazy things like Codex Shredder to get Living Death back and use it again and again. Get Junk Diver, Scarecrone, and Workshop Assistant, for even more recursion. There's a whole bunch of stuff I don't have that could make an artifact version viable, but I've never tested it:

Bottle Gnomes, Heap Doll, Hedron Crawler, Hex Parasite, Hope of Ghirapur, Manakin, Metalworker, Myr Moonvessel, Myr Sire, Opaline Unicorn, Pentavus(?), Scarecrone, Silent Arbiter, Stuffy Doll, Triskelion, Workhorse

Bowngnawer on Demon School for Demons, Cool.

10 months ago

I would highly recommend that you play No Rest for the Wicked, but I am not to sure about Macabre Waltz as in my playtests I never had the urge to use it for something else but Chrome Mox.

Myr Moonvessel is amazing as it opens up a 2 creatures only line with No Rest for the Wicked (Altough you would need Disturbed Burial and Paradox Engine for that, if you wanted to go infinite.)

I, just as gigi, also found Mishra's Workshop to be quite bad as it did not help with casting our commander (At least not activley.) and I too would suggest City of Traitors instead.

Here is my list for a longer explanation of the No Rest for the Wicked-Line: Razaketh MBS

Izu_Korasu on

1 year ago

so the problem is that to make it modern legal, you lose Rite of Flame and Chrome Mox, which is the core of your fast mana, and Gitaxian Probe which helps you in numerous ways.

Mox Opal, Infernal Plunge and Battle Hymn could provide some possibilities, but would shift the deck into a more affinity direction with Memnite, Ornithopter, Myr Moonvessel etc to help opal/plunge/hymn get online asap.

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