Fun fact.. Naruto first aired on television on October 3rd, 2002. Became a huge fan of anime after that. Saturday night with the boys watching anime and eating Cheetos. Ahhh, good times! This deck's protagonist revolves around 1 specific ninja. Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow. She does however come with her own personal squad of Anbu Black Ops and some Legendary Sannin too! Let's not forget those Forbidden Jutsu all thanks to an endless supply of chakra.. Object of the deck is to try to cheat out my commander with her Ninjutsu ability, and hopefully have a bunch more unblockable ninjas so I can reap the rewards of my Forbidden Jutsu, Multi Top Deck Manipulation Jutsu!! If that strategy doesn't work then I have 1 last technique up my sleeves Yugi boii.. Doomsday and Thassa's Oracle No Jutsu! Ha ha pick 5 cards that can keep me from losing the game, probably draw some cards and cast Thassa's Oracle for the win.. probably the easiest way to becoming the Hokage of you're village. I don't care what village you come from, I just want to know if you wanted Ichiraku Ramen? Ha ha "Believe it, I will become Hokage. Believe it!" -Naruto Uzumaki


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