Working on updating my current commander deck. Right now it's super-casual with mainly Orzhov/Spirit Tribal. I want to make changes and purchase some cards to make it a bit more competitive when playing my friends (who actually have good commander decks). I like to stay away from Solitaire/Combo-Off decks, but I wouldn't mind having one or two combos in the deck to spook my friends who play Endrek/Cockroaches and Prossh/Food-Chain. I do not have the money to throw together a super-competitive mana-base, but if you have some cheap suggestions, I would be glad to have them. Right now it focuses on token-spawn and death-triggers. I know I need some more engines and sac outlets, so I'll be looking for some and putting them into the Maybeboard. The more flavorful the suggestions, the better. However, flavor isn't a necessity since I'm trying to actually beat these people, haha! Thank you for the help!


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So I've added a number of cards to my Maybeboard. These represent cards that I could put in my deck that I haven't put in yet or do not own atm. I know a lot of people use Teysa Karlov to just stack Blood Artist effects until the opponent is dead. That's cool, but my friend has that exact deck. So I'm looking to focus on something different instead. I have always loved Token-spawn, so I would like to focus on those kinds of effects. Field of Souls and Open the Graves are both great enchantments, and when combined with Teysa Karlov and Annointed Procession, can net a ton of tokens per creature death. In order to set up these engines, I have grabbed a number of Enchantment Tutors to help acquire these important cards. Since enchantments are an important part of this deck, protecting these enchantments are important too, thus the addition of Silence, Greater Auramancy, and Open the Vaults.


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