Patron of the Kitsune

Patron of the Kitsune

Legendary Creature — Spirit

Fox offering (You may play this card any time you could play an instant by sacrificing a Fox and paying the difference in mana costs between this and the sacrificed Fox. Mana cost includes color.)

Whenever a creature attacks, you may gain 1 life.

Patron of the Kitsune Discussion

Gidgetimer on Fox Offering+Commander tax?

1 year ago

Since Patron of the Kitsune has a CMC greater than or equal to every other fox and they are all white this only applies to Vulpine Goliath, but it is nice to know how reductions in general interact with commander tax. Cost reductions can reduce the commander tax. Vulpine Goliath will reduce the cost of Patron of the Kitsune by ( for the generic mana portion, and another from because offering, unlike most reductions, applies the colored to generic). This means that the first time you cast Patron of the Kitsune from the command zone sacrificing Vulpine Goliath would reduce the cost to . The second time it would reduce it to . The third time it would reduce it to . And so on.

Tylord2894 on Fox Offering+Commander tax?

1 year ago

Commander tax is just like any other taxing effect. It does not affect the CMC of a spell nor does it bar you from casting a spell "without paying its mana cost".

When determining what you have to pay for a spell, there are four steps. First, determine the "base cost" of the spell by taking the printed cost or alternative cost, if applicable, and substituting any with the chosen value. Next, take the base cost of the spell and add any taxes, such as the Command tax but also effects like Sphere of Resistance. Then, subtract any discounts, such as Helm of Awakening and the Fox Offering effect of Patron of the Kitsune. Lastly, apply the effect of Trinisphere if it's out.

In short, the Command Tax is just like any other taxing effect. It does not change the CMC of a spell/permanent. One of the only times that a spell's CMC differs from what's printed on its card is when there is an in the mana cost.

Hope this helps!!

VampDemigod on Fox Offering+Commander tax?

1 year ago

Does commander tax in EDH count as part of the commander’s mana cost, or is it a separate cost? I know you can’t cast the commander without paying it, but you can use the commander’s abilities to cast it without paying tax.

This leads to my two questions: 1: does commander tax affect Patron of the Kitsune’s ability? For example, if I’ve cast Patron from the command zone twice already, and I activate Fox Offering, sacrificing Flourishing Fox, do I have to pay 4W or 8W?

Secondly, if I have a card on the battlefield that cares about the cmc of cards I cast, is commander tax part of that cmc? Let’s say Kiyomaro, First to Stand is my commander. If I have cast Kiyo once before from the Command Zone, is Kiyo’s CMC 7 or 5 while on the stack?

TheeKowalski on

1 year ago

I've been running a similar deck with Heliod, A few powerhouse cards I would suggest are:

Patron of the Kitsune Odric, Master Tactician Shinewend Cauldron of Souls

The outlast ability is pretty good with Heliod too Abzan Battle Priest Abzan Falconer Ainok Bond-Kin

Tylord2894 on W/B Teysa Commander

2 years ago

Okay, so after looking at this deck for a while, considering its sideboard, and adding some cards that I use often for similar strategies, I've come up with a list of edits (well, actually three lists).

Before I get to those, I would like to explain what I found. Firstly, I like the idea behind the deck. Token strategies are always a great way to make a casual deck that can scale to be for optimized. I love the afterlife keyword as it lends itself to this optimization really well. But there were several less-than-savory card choices in here. The two biggest issues that I saw are ones that I see a lot (and full into too). The first of these is that many cards have a very high cost-to-value ratio. That is, there were several cards that cost too much (mana) and do too little for it. Elgaud Inquisitor is a fantastic example. While Elgaud Inquisitor is on-theme with their on-death triggered ability, that is all they have going for them. The lifelink isn't super useful, and the CMC is WAY too high. They are only a 2/2 too boot. Second off, theme isn't the same as function. I understand that there is a vorthos element to this deck, but since this deck isn't a full tribal deck, I think it's better to focus on ways to make the good parts of the theme work great.

I saw lots of cards that were life gaining cards ( Pontiff of Blight , Impassioned Orator , Riot Control , etc). This deck can make a lot of tokens which Tesya gives lifelink. You need not worry about life gain card. The strength of your creatures that make tokens when they die is that you can easily recur them in W/B. In the lists below, there are many cards that give added value to dying creature or make killing your creatures more ways to die. Lastly and most importantly, you had ZERO ramp and ALMOST NO card draw. THESE ARE THE TWO MOST FUNDAMENTAL ASSPECTS IN EDH!!! You NEED to have them!!! You can not rely solely on the one land drop and card draw. I've listed several cards that assist the main strategy and draw you cards (things like Dredge and Altar's Reap ). As for ramp, there is almost no good ramp outside of green. That only means that you have to look harder. Mana rocks are a must. I only have three in the lists, but they are absolute must-haves. Next, I put in several cards that give you mana in other ways. Most of them align themselves with the main strategy ( Ashnod's Altar , Soldevi Adnate , and Pawn of Ulamog to name a few). Similarly, I added cards that draw you cards from creatures dying. There is one card that I would like to point out in particular, Erebos . The important part of Erebos is his last ability. You pay and 2 life to draw a card. Life is a resource, and you'll be making plenty of it. Be sure to spend it. There are lots of cards that help you turn life into various things, like Bolas's Citadel (which I almost put in and still think has a place here). I would encourage you to look into them. Lastly, I would remove 6 lands. You have other ramp now and don't want to be flooded all of the time.

Here is the list of cards that I would remove:

I understand that there is a budget to this deck, so I've split my suggestions into two lists. The first is all cards that are cheap and should keep you under budget. The second list of cards is for later edits. If you want to spend more money on this deck, those are the cards that I would recommend buying.

As you're read through these, you might notice that a lot of these came from your sideboard. There are lots of good cards in there.

I hope you enjoy these changes. Just remember that casual decks don't have to be un-optimized.

Ripwater on Killing with Karlov

2 years ago

I'm back cause I saw your update hahah ;-)

I see you are trying to force more lifegain triggers, I would play any other card with extort wich is not the Pontiff.... The pontiff is way to costly to put down and you basically play him for his extort trigger, the fact that he gives it to everything seems really good but often you don't have the mana to pay up...

If you look for more lifegain triggers and about the same CMC go for Patron of the Kitsune it's a 5/6 flyer (thats already better than the pontiff + it triggers on EACH attack trigger, wich will probably trigger more than the Sunscorch Regent :-)

Slap in a Eight-and-a-Half-Tails and you can cast him on instant speed if needed + the Eight Tales is completely underrate, protecting ALL your permanents for only 3 mana and the ability to make Karlov unblockable...

And now that we are on the subject of unblockable/protection, Mother of Runes and the new Giver of Runes are an absolute auto include in your deck. Eight-tales and Mother did soooo much work and basically protected karlov on instant speed from spot removal and on the offense make him unblockable if they play the right color combo. Now that you als get the Giver of Runes it's even better. Trust me on this one, it will make your life so much easier! Nothing sucks more than when your fat Karlov get's nuked down, and turn 1 mother of runes, turn 2 karlov is most of the time GG for at least 1 player at the table.

Another absolute powerhouse in my deck was Ajani, Caller of the Pride at only 3 mana he often hit my board around turn 3/4 where Karlov was already 6/6, it's really not that hard if you have a turn one Soul Warden and then suddenly Karlov is a 6/6 flying doublestrike in turn 3, needless to say you often removed 1 opponent around turn 4-5 :)

As usual really hope this tips will help you a bit more!

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