Before I begin, let me start by thanking HerzogMacabre for his vClique 1v1 deck.

Herzog (VonMacabre on YouTube) generally builds his decks with exactly the same playstyles that I enjoy, more so than most netdecking for current meta, etc.

I was playing a version of 1v1 Vendilion Clique that was entirely my own, based on mostly good control, and tons of bounce spells to hopefully steal away my opponents best spell early on (usually an answer to Clique), bulk up my Clique with equipment (used to be the Swords), and get in as quick as possible for 21 commander damage while controlling the board. Well, after losing to Geist of Saint Traft repeatedly, and realizing that Clique is often too slow (yeah, amazingly) and that the swords couldn't get dug up, out, and attached fast enough.. I decided to research some competitive Clique builds. This is where VonMacabre comes in...

It was very hard to find a link to a good "plan" for competetive Clique, when at the time the entire meta was flooded with Baral. But just like Mr. HerzogMacabre, I too much preferred the informational advantage of repeatedly recasting Vendilion Clique if it gets dealt with. If not, the idea was to ge in for the commander damage and win. Well, he included MANY spells that I was unaccustomed to, as well as the idea of stripping out my creatures such as Gilded Drake, and Consecrated Sphinx, in trade for POLYMORPH effects. Yeah... That's right. This means, less creatures, which equates to more actual control. Me likey.

So! I quickly placed a CardKingdom order for the cards I was missing (besides Treachery (it was out of stock, and I don't own one). I could probably still use a copy of it in my build, because it's just so good. But my take on his approach has been working extremely well as is.

I omitted a few control cards that I wasn't a huge fan of, and included a few that I felt would be more flexible and useful in more scenarios. Not a put down. His deck is amazing, and my changes are more a matter of preference. For instance, I am terrible at setting up to use Sage's Dousing. I am long time hard-coded to leave up 2 blue, and often stare at that card in my hand, knowing damn well that I need 3 mana, and still overspend. Just not good for ME. But was an excellent suggestion on Macabre's part. The draw is wonderful.

Other than that, and speaking of equipment, I have gone for a slightly different equipment scheme. I find that Runechanter's Pike is the better choice for Clique. I often have 5 or 6 instants or sorceries in my graveyard by the turn 5, and Clique is out with the Pike attached. If I already swung in for 3+, once or twice, I can often just swing in for that 21 super fast with a 9/1 Faery Wizard. Fun!!! I experimented with the Jitte, as it's a favorite of mine in other builds, but it didn't work it's magic for me here.

One particular weekness I ran into was Kiora. She can +1 loyalty counters, and prevent any damage from Clique until it's controller's next turn. Not ideal. So I will reconsider the amount of permanent bouncing and removal I have, versus the current heavy creature bouncing. Walkers prove to be more difficult to deal with. When it was Jaces or Chandras I was up against, it was easy to just race them and win. Kiora however is almost crippling to this build, and I don't see anything better about HerzogMacabre's list that can be traded out. I'm extremely open to hearing your suggestions!!!

In closing, please go see HerzogMacabre's build and see if you like his take better. He is pretty much the modern day originator of this idea, and I give him full credit. I've spoken to him on YouTube commenting, and he seems like a really cool and genuine person as well. So please stop to check out his deck and slam down an upvote for him. This deck wouldn't exist if he wasn't such an asset to the community.



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