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My Little EDH, Friendship is Magic the Gathering

Commander / EDH* Casual Four Color Group Hug Pillow Fort RGWU Zoo



This is a Commander or EDH deck built specifically to resemble My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

I could'nt fit the whole name of the deck in the name. it is actually My Little Commander, Friendship is Magic the Gathering

This Deck was always something I had wanted to make as a fan of the show. I had dabbled in making a 60 Naya (WRG) card deck where I had 2X of each card i felt represented the mane 6, as well as some other characters worth mentioning.As soon as I got my hands on the Pillow fort deck I loved it. I couldn't wait to tweak it a little bit to make it perfect. At the same time I was trying to figure out how to make my pony deck into a commander deck. I had a few ideas, and one of them included using Phelddagrif. but then I would be losing too many characters. So I had finally settled on using Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis as my commander. My explanation as to why 2 humans are in a MLP FIM deck..... they're Bronies.

Here you'll find some of the Card choice explenations, and below that you'll find some of the recommended combos.

mane 6

Twilight Sparkle - Noble Quarry During the Feeling Pinkie Keen episode, Twilight is seen to have a meltdown, and turns into Spitemare.... cast Spitemare, bestow Noble Quarry onto it and swing for game (redirecting all the damage from all your opponents creatures into their face. I originally had Prized Unicorn for Twilight

Rainbow Dash - Loyal Pegasus Originally i had Pegasus Charger for rainbow dash... but being the element of Loyalty once the theros block came out I made some changes to the deck

Fluttershy - Plated Pegasus Preventing damage to creatures. exactly what i'd expect from the element of kindness.

Rarity - Opaline Unicorn my first choice for Rarity was Revered Unicorn , as Rarity is the element of generosity, the life gain was nice. but she didnt stay on the battlefield long.... now rarity generously gives you one mana of any color.

Applejack - Workhorse honestly, no other card could be more perfect

Pinkie Pie - Thundermare I am on the fence about subbing Timbermare in. It allows for a cheaper casting, but had that echo cost. If your opponent is at 5 life and has a field full of creatures. Laughter

Other Characters

Princess Celestia - Celestial Force a giant creature, and three life gained during each players turn. perfect.

Princess Luna - Nightmaresadly unplayable, but i keep her with the deck cause it makes sense

Discord - Tyrant of Discord Chaos ensues

Gilda - Retaliator Griffin

Spike - Dragon Hatchling

Queen Chrysalis - Progenitor Mimic

Iron Will - Lord of Shatterskull Pass

Zecora - Zebra Unicorn

Reccomended combos

Bestowing Noble Quarry + Spitemare can win you the gameCelestial Mantle on anything with flying is going to hurt.

I once won a game with Reins of Power the turn after board wiping. an opponent had taken all creatures out of all graveyards. he thanked me for helping him. I thanked him for helping me.

Noble Quarry + Wishmonger , protects Noble Quarry from damage allowing everything else to go through (you must allow the defending player to declare defenders before you give Noble Quarry protection from any colors otherwise they can defend as normal)

Any of the lifegain spells ( Celestial Force , Celestial Mantle, True Conviction) with stormherd. you better swing all out. because 200 1/1 Pegasus tokens with flying are just asking to get board wiped.

Collective Voyage + Treacherous Terrain

other card explanations

Primordial Hydra - the mane 6 did fight a hydra at some point

Breaching Hippocamp - there were sea horses in the series

Birds of Paradise - Celestias phoenix ( i was considering a phoenix, but i decided the deck needed some ramp since i lowered the land count)

Howling Mine - came stock in the deck.... but i do recall some diamond dogs making a mine their home

Phelddagrif - was going to be my commander, but there was too much loss to the personality of the deck, however it is a great way to make allies.

Equestrian Skill - an excellent pump, and if you put it on your commander, he'll have trample (being the only human in the deck)(also combos well if you stack Celestial Mantle + Righteous Authority into him. I have killed with Commander damage that way)

Imprisoned in the Moon you know in case you need to use the elements of harmony to banish NightmareMoon

there are many other Unicorn, pegasus and other horse and horse like spells i left out. I felt like this layout while still keeping the theme of the deck on friendship, also allowed for the potential to win games. too many small creatures might make you a target, which is why i made the base of this deck the pillow fort commander. if you think i made a grievous error and must include a card please let me know. i'd love to hear fellow bronies input



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