Dragon Hatchling

Dragon Hatchling

Creature — Dragon


: Dragon Hatchling gets +1/+0 until end of turn.

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Dragon Hatchling Discussion

TheVectornaut on Christmas Dagrons

3 months ago

No problem. I enjoy going through the first cycle tab to offer input where I can. I'm used to playing on lower budgets and power levels so I don't usually have much to offer when it comes to long established decks.

Also, on the subject of mana curve, it's worth remembering that the purpose of ramp is to drag the top end back to the left. A bomb most other decks would have to play on turn 6, you plan to play on 5, 4, or even 3 instead. Obviously the more big cards you run, the more ramp will be needed to support them. That's why Gruul dragons also tends to run anywhere from 10 to 20 cards dedicated to acceleration. You have a solid starting package with the set of Servants and the Birds (and Sarkhan actually), but adding a couple more ramp pieces could make it easier to run the critical mass of dragons that Atarka and friends need to shine. It could be untap synergy with Utopia Sprawl and Arbor Elf , landfall with Oracle of Mul Daya (budget: Courser of Kruphix ) and Lotus Cobra , or just more generically good dorks and tutors like Somberwald Sage and Harrow . A turn 1 Bird into Somberwald on 2 potentially lets you cast any creature in the deck as soon as turn 3. If you do want smaller dragons instead, Dragonkin Berserker and Dragon Whisperer can get bodies on the board early and hopefully pay out later. The actual dragon options of Slumbering Dragon and Dragon Hatchling are pretty poor inclusions unless you're trying to go hard with Dragon Tempest .

Here's an article from Wizards' own Gavin Verhey with some tips on dragon ramp strategy. Note that the build in question was made for an old standard meta, so there will be some obvious differences to a modern gameplan.

Dragon Ramp Reconstructed

libraryjoy on Dragon trial

3 months ago

For low cost dragons, I'm partial to Dragon Hatchling - didn't know if you'd run across it before. Enjoy your dragons!

ellie-is on Lathliss, Ramp Queen

6 months ago

Okay, so having cheaper dragons to cast does make a difference! I've cut Hunted Dragon and Bogardan Hellkite to make room for Dragon Hatchling and Dragon Egg. There are plenty of situations where having those two + a 4-mana dragon (of which there are a bunch and I want to have more in the future as I upgrade the deck) allows me to cast two dragons the turn after Lathliss comes into play, which means getting an extra token.

Pretty happy with these changes, and honestly, I think I might be close to calling the deck done and ordering the cards!!!

ellie-is on Lathliss, Ramp Queen

6 months ago

So, more testing and I'm really happy with how consistent the deck is thanks to the infinitude of mana rocks. I think the only question I need to answer now is if I'm happy with my dragons or if I want some cheap "dragons" (Universal Automaton, Fire-Belly Changeling, Taurean Mauler) instead. They're cheap enough that I can cast multiple of them the turn after casting Lathliss, getting twice the tokens, but they're also pretty useless in combat and don't even get haste from Dragon Tempest (not that they'd be hitting for any real damage anyway). But the 5/5 token might make up for that. Though then there's also the flavor issue. A nice compromise would be Dragon Hatchling, Dragon Egg and Sarkhan's Whelp. But they're still tiny and useless. But whe Lathliss is giving out mass buffs, they're additional bodies to get those buffs. Gah. Decisions, decisions!

I'm gonna give a try to playtesting with a few cheaper dragons and see how much of a difference it makes. Maybe take out Bogardan Hellkite and other expensive dragons to lower the mana curve a little.

(also I'd of course love to have Slumbering Dragon but $$$)

ellie-is on Ellie's Dragons

8 months ago

MilkmanMatty: No worries! If it gets too bad I can just archive the comments later haha. And people who hoard cards like stock definitely suck and I'm always extremely happy when Wizards does an unexpected reprint or ban that causes them to lose hundreds of dollars, hah.

I don't really like the Whelp, the ability isn't going to be going off enough and a 2/2 for 3 mana is pretty underwhelming. It'd be there mostly for the triggers, but in that case I'd rather run Dragon Egg, Dragon Hatchling, or Fire-Belly Changeling (the latter two I had on earlier versions of this, but got rid of them for Slumbering Dragon, which does a better job of being a cheap dragon that's there mostly for the triggers).

Re:yours being conventional Skred-Dragons, I think another key difference between that and my deck's focus on dragon tempest is that you went for one-off ramp like simian spirit guide and pyretic ritual and my focus is on the lasting cost-reducers. I think they're both valid ways to play the deck and it's pretty cool testing them out and seeing how they perform differently in different situations as a result of going these different directions.

HortonIsTired on Dragonlords: The tempest

1 year ago

Cool deck, looks like fun. I love Dragon Hatchling i use it with Braid of Fire, sorry not M19 but if you're playing casual it is a nice ramp for your Dragons and instants.

multimedia on Plasma In The Sky

1 year ago

Hey, your Commanders care about two types of creatures, Dragons and Knights. This is the simplest approach to consider is add more Dragons and some Knights? A higher amount of Dragons than Knights seems better with your two Commanders because double strike with Dragons who already fly is more powerful then Knights with flying.

Dragons are high mana cost creatures therefore consider more ramp? More ramp so you can cast Dragons especially Khorvath faster. Sylvia doesn't do much until you have a Dragon on the battlefield which ramp can help with.

You can't play Gruul Locket and Orzhov Locket in a Boros Commander deck. Can only play cards that are red, white or red/white because these are the color identities of your Commanders. Cards with black and green even though they also have red or white aren't legal with Boros.

What's the budget for your deck? Cards $1 or less each to consider adding:


Mana Rocks/Other Ramp

Dragons/Cards that support Dragons

Dragons who can pump their own power which is called "firebreathing" are good with double strike.



  • Mask of Memory: an equipped creature with double strike who isn't blocked does combat damage twice to an opponent meaning you draw four cards.
  • Rogue's Gloves: with flying it's easier to do combat damage.

The nice thing about these equipment is the interaction with double strike. These equipment can also be repeatable draw and if the equipped creature dies, the equipment isn't destroyed, can equip another creature.


I offer more advice. Good luck with your deck.

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