Right off the bat, this a group hate enchantment deck. There will be a lot of sighs around the table and a lot of players going after you. I've done A LOT of playtesting around Mogis, God of Slaughter and I think i've found a pretty good list.

The key to this deck is to slowly drain your opponents with enchantments, so you will almost never be doing combat damage. Since we don't have many creatures we're going to need some sort of protection like No Mercy , Tainted AEther , Silent Arbiter , Lethal Vapors , and Ward of Bones . Don't forget that Mogis himself is good protection when you have enough devotion!

There are many ways to win like Exsanguinate , Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond , Sorin Markov , but one of the most fun ways to win is dropping Sire Of Insanity while Mogis, God of Slaughter + other draining enchantments are out and watch them slowly die :) If things go south though, there's always Insurrection as a backup. Also! The recently added Repercussion + Blasphemous Act / Chain Reaction / Rolling Earthquake can be devastating.


Thank you to everyone who upvoted and commented and gave suggestions! Love you all <3


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