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If you haven't played Baldur's Gate 3 yet, then you need to hurry up and do so. However, for those that are savvy, I couldn't just not build a deck with the best girl, Karlach! We went with the "Hardy Outlander" background as the secondary commander/background, since her official background in BG3 is in fact the "Outlander" background. This gives us access to the Gruul colors, which combines her punchy tactics with the power to ramp hard. I did consider some other colors, but i wanted a deck that comes out swinging big with multiple combats asap.

Speaking of which, there are plenty of multiple combat tricks in this library to use and abuse. The power of our creatures can reach grand heights thanks to the "Hardy Outlander" background and Karlach's multi combat ability. We also play one of my all time favorite MTG cards, "Aggravated Assault", alongside multiple on theme cards that can go infinite with it. The best part is that all the cards that do go infinite off of AA also benefit the overall strategy of the deck to drop big monsters with haste. There are plenty of haste sources in this deck; a whomping 10 haste cards in total. We really want to see one of these as soon as possible, as this gives the deck the necessary and immediate punching power we need. This is why the ramp is so scary, because you can get swinging with big boards as early as turn 3! There are also multiple ways to gain trample as well, so damage won't be avoidable for long.

Which leads to the one glaring con of this deck atm. IT lacks a juicy alternative win con outside of dealing combat damage. This isn't awful per se, as we can seriously wail on our opponents with quite big numbers, but if you don't beat butt quickly you might fall to some anti battle strats.

Whatever the case may be, this deck is fun as hell.


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