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Emiel the Blessed is a legendary unicorn from the Adarkar Wastes, on the plane of Dominaria.

Adarkar unicorns were considered the noblest creature in Terisiare, and seeing them was considered a great blessing. Kjeldoran priests thought that seeing a unicorn would protect you from any future harm. Others say that it would be the start of eight years of luck. Even if the details of the blessing differ, they all agree that seeing a unicorn forever changes one's life for the better. Unicorns think the same about seeing Emiel.


Brood Monitor + Emiel the Blessed + Panharmonicon infinite mana infinite 1/1 :

Have both Emiel the Blessed and Panharmonicon on the board play Brood Monitor you create 6 Eldrazi Scion tokens Sacrifice 3 tokens wash,rinse, and repeat

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Added Leyline of Abundance and Ghostly Prison and some full art cards I changed out for


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