I've spent a significant amount of time playing Urza since his release; he is a very powerful card and provides a lot of command zone strength to mono blue. His ability to draw power from any artifact (especially mana- and cost-inexpensive utility artifacts) is an impressive feat that prompted me to work through the creation of a surprisingly powerful budget build.

This build (as of 1/1/2020) clocks in at ~$200, including Urza. ($165 without)

  • No-budget UPS:

  • No-budget PolyTyrant:

This build uses two win conditions: Isochron Scepter and (Polymorph) Tidespout Tyrant. The Polymorph Tyrant lines come with a no-other-creatures deck building restriction. You can watch a fantastic video about Tyrant by the Spike Feeders here:

These are the main reasons why this is an attractive budget build:

  • Urza's mana yield makes up for the explosiveness lost by missing expensive mana rocks.
  • Fewer costly rocks are necessary for Scepter infinites due to Urza.
  • Polymorph and Proteus staff are 1-card combos that lend us consistency, even missing expensive tutors.
  • PolyTyrant as a gameplan allows the deck to avoid playing the expensive Plan B combos like Power Artifact + Grim Monolith or Rings of Brighthearth + Basalt Monolith.

The primary downside of this deck over non-budget builds is an increased reliance on resolving and keeping Urza. Protect him vigilantly. Another deckbuilding concession is the need to play some density of 0 cost rocks to net mana post-Tyrant.

The gameplan of this builds is similar to the non-budget builds:

  1. Ramp into Urza quickly and safely.
  2. Stabilize the game while resolving draw and selection.
  3. Execute a protected infinite mana combo, playing your entire library.
  4. Generate infinite casts of any spell with a bounce spell and Midnight Clock.

The most impactful upgrades to the deck would be the fast mana rocks for earlier Urza. Interaction upgrades are some of the least impactful upgrades, as there are a wealth of strong counterspells to use to fill slots.

Here are some $500 budget builds put together by Shmekles so you can investigate upgrade paths.

UPS $500:

PolyTyrant $500:

If you can't afford certain pieces, you can always play more 0 cost rocks. Check the maybeboard for some ideas.


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