Chimeric Mass

Chimeric Mass


Chimeric Mass enters the battlefield with X charge counters on it.

: Until end of turn, Chimeric Mass becomes a Construct artifact creature with "This creature's power and toughness are each equal to the number of charge counters on it."

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Chimeric Mass Discussion

Rocko822 on Jhoira turbo draw combo

11 months ago

Some simple suggestions I thought I might give:

Walking Ballista would be easy to just pay 0 for.

Chimeric Mass Also just pay 0 for

Shifting Wall Pay 0 for

Also, I would run Thassa's Oracle instead of jace because it allows for less opponent interaction.

Hope this helped in some way!

DragonSliver9001 on

1 year ago

ThisIsMyAccount: land destruction is played way less often than artifact removal. Chimeric Mass is actually more vulnerable to removal than Mutavault.

ThisIsMyAccount on

1 year ago

I would suggest playing something like Chimeric Mass instead of Mutavault because if you have to sacrifice mutavault because of Smallpox then you might be putting yourself in a position to be unable to win the game.

What happens if your opponent uses Path to Exile or Surgical Extraction on Nether Spirit? You basically just have Liliana, the Last Hope ultimate and The Rack as the only ways to win. I wouldn't say you really want to be betting on your opponent having no way to deal with that.

Chimeric Mass isn't vulnerable to Smallpox or other cards you see fairly often in modern like Ghost Quarter and Molten Rain.

Finally, I would suggest at least considering Tectonic Edge. You're running 4 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth so tectonic edge is basically just going to be another swamp most of the time and it is better than Field of Ruin if the opponent has 4 or more lands. It also has good synergy with Inquisition of Kozilek.

pootinanny on How To Turn a Hydra Into a Dark Ritual: A Primer

1 year ago


Thank you for giving it a read! I honestly had a random idea when i looked at it and realized I was onto something so god bless my creativity haha. Chakram Retriever's upside is actually kinda of low as you'd only untap Zaxara, the Exemplary once for each spell, only generating two mana, and it also does not synergize with the other strategies to enable mana generation like the token doublers. Its not a bad card but it doesn't do enough here. The original prelist I constructed I had cards like Guardian Project and Kindred Discovery in the list but I never once even gave Chakram Retriever a glance. There were a few reasons I cut ETB based card draw effects:

  • For starters, hate cards like Torpor Orb are very powerful and borderline necessary in higher powered EDH and i tend to play in those play groups.
  • The unreliableness of drawing only on specific creature types entering the battlefield would muck up the consistency, so Kindred Discovery drawing one card this time, or two cards this time, etc, was just issue to me which made me lean towards cutting it and having Torpor Orb.
  • Guardian Project is really good! Except what it would only draw one card as opposed to on death triggers drawing as many times as tokens generated thus not synergizing with the strat and not gaining more upside when it is online thus falling to the wayside for Torpor Orb.

Salvaging Station is definitely an interesting card and does go infinite with a lot of things in this deck if Zaxara, the Exemplary+Thornbite Staff/Pitiless Plunderer is online, but its pretty underwhelming otherwise as it will only go infinite with Chimeric Mass and it is 6 CMC to get on the battlefield. Definitely thought provoking, however, its not good enough in my opinion, too much of a cute card.

Meren of Clan Nel Toth was also in the prelist but her utility is in being a grindy, reanimator strategy, this decklist is geared more towards getting a single engine online by turn 4 or 5 and then going off the turn its achieved. Meren of Clan Nel Toth doesn't reanimate anything particularly interesting as the there is no self mill elements in the list and on top of that there are no toolbox creatures like Reclamation Sage or Ravenous Chupacabra to get value from. Basically she is good and does good things, just not here.

Don't feel bad about gunking up the page! I am just happy someone gave this jank idea a gander and liked it!

RedWhiteBlue on How To Turn a Hydra Into a Dark Ritual: A Primer

1 year ago

... Let me re-do that comment to include card links. Here goes: for mana generators, check out Chakram Retriever and Intruder Alarm for untapping Zaxara for 2 more mana. For extra draw engines, check out: Species Specialist, Sage of the Falls, and Kindred Discovery for 2 potential draws every time you play your X-drop spell, and Meren of Clan Nel Toth and Guardian Project will help draw one. And perhaps the coolest card I found for this strategy was Salvaging Station, which works great with your Chimeric Mass to create an infinite combo as long as you have either your Thornbite Staff or Pitiless Plunderer for mana. Sorry for gunking up your page here.

PolarBearSoup on Zaxara, the Exemplary: Hydra Infestation

1 year ago

I have a Saheeli X spell deck, but Zaxara really piqued my interest when I saw it. Everyone loves hyrdas, and getting board presence of big X spells feels great.

Astral Cornucopia will help your mana and give you a token - It's a steep cost but does fit the theme.

Mass Manipulation has been a powerhouse for me in Saheeli. I appreciate the might be harder for tri-colour, but Zaxara helps with that a lot.

Hangarback Walker and Walking Ballista are again big X artifact spells, the latter able to win you the game with the infinite mana combo.

Bloom Tender - If you are running Freed from the Real and Pemmin's, then he is a backup inclusion for the infinite mana route.

Chimeric Mass is a nice way to protect your creature based board from sorcery speed sweeps.

Battle at the Bridge, Death Wind, Disembowel, or Erebos's Intervention offer X based spot removal to compliment your X based counterspells which I like the inclusion of here!

Dark Salvation works as smaller creature (depending on your mana) removal and generates you some additional tokens

SamuraiNinjaSpy on Budget Bots

1 year ago


Chimeric Mass isn’t a bad idea since it can be animated by the faerie, and can become bigger from there. It can also be dropped for 0 and animated with one of the enchantments. The price is pretty good as well. Crypt however pushes the minimum price of the deck above $5 based on TCG low, not counting shipping and basic lands, which is the goal (it was exactly $5 when I first listed it). It will be a suggestion I make to anyone who buys the deck though, along with some of the more expensive upgrades. These budget decks I’m designing are for my LGS to help new players get into the game, and it also is meant to lead to the sale of singles down the road. I’ll try my best to find room for Chimeric Mass when I have time.

Lanz37 on Flux Channeler Combo

1 year ago

What an awesome string of decks and build paths! Thanks so much for sharing! The Test Subject and Slumbering Dragon tech is very cool, that's similar to a plan I had with Chimeric Mass. If you're still concerned about hexproof players though, I can also recommend Detection Tower, if you still want to hit some people with big fireballs.

I can't seem to get the links to work in my post (which is why the second paragraph is a mess), but I actually decided to build this deck from a blog post that used Astral Cornucopia and Everflowing Chalice with proliferate for huge x spells. I believe it was called "Dice Factory" if you want to look up their build ideas, too. It had some cool multiple turn stuff with Magistrate's Scepter, but I never decided to try that strat out. It sounds similar to your Ral Zarek plan :)

Thanks again for sharing, always fun to encounter a like-minded brewer!

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