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I'm building this deck for two reasons:
1. I wanted a fair, non-staxy control deck
2. I really like Soulherder and the rest of Seb's art

Card Rundown

This deck revolves around blinking and flickering our own creatures and other permanents to get the most from our ETB effects. This will allow us to...

Recur Spells:
Sun Titan

Draw Cards:
Omen of the Sea
Pentarch Ward

Mess with our Opponents:
Angel of Serenity
Agent of Treachery
Exclusion Mage
Forbidding Spirit
Phyrexian Ingester
Reality Acid
Reflector Mage
Stonehorn Dignitary
War Priest of Thune

Make Tokens:
Geist-Honored Monk
Myr Battlesphere
Whirler Rogue

Unlike most other Brago decks that take on a somewhat Voltron-esque strategy, with my build, Brago, King Eternal is not core to the deck's function. He's the most easily accessible, but we have plenty of other ways to enable our strategy.

Some Repeatable:
Conjurer's Closet
Flickerwisp (gives you a bonus blink)
Mistmeadow Witch
Yorion, Sky Nomad

Some Not-so-Repeatable:
AEthermage's Touch
Cosmic Intervention
Eerie Interlude
Essence Flux
Ghostly Flicker
Momentary Blink

(But that's what Archaeomancer is for)

King Brago's Toolbox:
Aqueous Form
Midnight Pathlighter
Pentarch Ward
Rogue's Passage
Sejiri Steppe
Unquestioned Authority
Whirler Rogue

Being in Azorius, aka the Colors of Control, I would be remiss not to include some basic staple control cards, such as:
Aven Mindcensor
Drannith Magistrate
Monologue Tax
Teferi's Protection

and a handful of general counter-magic / interaction:
Dovin's Veto
Ojutai's Command
Render Silent
Saw it Coming
Time Wipe
Wipe Away

Much like the guild, the color combination of Azorius is known for being anti-fun with its abundance of counter-magic, taxing effects, and ability to lock down a game, often permanently. After teaching a peer how to play EDH using the Kaldheim precon decks, I immediately fell in love with Phantom Premonition, especially the blink and flicker part. In my opinion, it showcased the best, "fairest" parts of Azorius-centered mechanics. This deck takes heavy inspiration from that deck, as well as mixing in some finer touches of my own.

Winning the Game

My version of Brago, King Eternal is very light on Voltron synergies, so we'll be relying on good ol' base combat damage to get the job done. While I do have a couple beaters listed below, this generally means we'll be taking small shots at our opponents and controlling them down when we need to, leading to a long-term playstyle.

Agent of Treachery can help speed this up, by borrowing the best creatures our opponents might have.

Phyrexian Ingester not only acts as removal, but can also get huge with the right targets.

We could focus on amassing a large number of tokens via Geist-Honored Monk, Myr Battlesphere, or even Whirler Rogue, although she's there more for Brago's benefit.

Thanks for reading! I'm always open to any helpful suggestions.


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