Welcome to my take on a Zada storm deck! This decks power level sits at around an 8. A little too strong for casual tables but not quite strong enough to play at cEDH tables. This deck has a 42% win rate with an average win turn of 7.

Unlike most decks you normally don’t want to play your commander until the turn you’re ready to storm off. The goal is to build a pretty good sized board state and then play Zada and start targeting her with your multitude of spells. Every time you target her you get a copy for every creature you control so a simple 1 mana cantrip will basically draw you a card, create a treasure, make mana, and more for every creature you control! Once you’ve stacked enough onto your creatures declare your attack and enjoy your victory.

Cards like Underworld Breach and Past in Flames are awesome here because while you’re storming off you can access all the rituals and mana generating spells to continue casting, drawing, and pumping your creatures. An awesome alternate wincon is Aetherflux Reservoir as you cast so many spells while storming that your life total will reach the point where you can just shoot all three of your opponents for the win as well!

If you like my take on Zada then please upvote! Or leave a comment with suggestions or questions! I love talking magic and would love to hear what you think!


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