Learn from the Past

Learn from the Past


Target player shuffles his or her graveyard into his or her library.

Draw a card.

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Learn from the Past Discussion

wallisface on Eldrazi Swarm

2 months ago

Some thoughts:

  • i’m not sure why you’re running Learn from the Past, as its a super slow/clunky spell and not particularly good, while also not really advancing your game plan.

  • likewise, i’m not sure how Eldrazi Monument helps you when your sole-goal appears to be trying to ramp to big creatures.

  • try and restrict your deck to 60 cards. While being 6 over may not sound like much, it will make your brew less consistent, and generally weaker.

  • be aware that All Is Dust will destroy your own Awakening Zone cards.

  • I really think your ramp plan needs some work. Modern is a fast format, so you should be expecting that a deck can enact its plan by turn 5 at the latest. I just don’t see how the current deck is coming even close to that - and i think you need to rejig your ramp options to try and have a faster & more consistent game. Something like Cryptolith Rite might help, as you can tap & sac scions to effectively have them provide 2 mana each. Having cards like Chord of Calling would be useful too, as an option to actually find what you need. But in any case, whatever you’re wanting to do, it needs to happen faster.

Fingall on Eutropia Enchantments Abound (infinite +1+1/mana)

1 year ago

Breakthrough or Heightened Awareness or Nostalgic Dreams or Slate of Ancestry + Learn from the Past. While Breakthrough would be best because you can choose to keep Learn from the Past in hand. You could use Beacon of Tomorrows if you draw to your last card, It shuffles itself as your only card in your library so at the start of your next turn you get it back and will have infinite turns.

Conartistry on Niv-Mizzet, Parun

2 years ago

Love to see another Niv-Mizzet deck!

But I have some questions about what you have here.

Why run Finale of Revelation ? Stroke of Genius can win games for more, and Pull from Tomorrow is an instant at the cost of discarding a card. Either (or both) seems better than Finale.

Since you aren't running many fetches, I think you could afford to cut Brainstorm for Impulse or maybe Sleight of Hand (or Search for Azcanta  Flip which I see in your maybe board).

I don't think Counterflux is all that great, it's really color heavy for a glorified cancel 80% of the time. If storm or control are common in your meta than disregard and keep going.

Ionize does seem rather weak though, I think Counterspell is an easy swap.

How is Consecrated Sphinx doing for you? I'm considering adding him to my own list but I'm not sure if he is better than a Chemister's Insight .

Clear the Mind may be less mana intensive, but I think Learn from the Past is better since it doubles as grave hate in a pinch.

AEtherize never felt great to me, have you considered Starstorm or Earthquake as more permanent control options instead?

How frequently do you actually need Reliquary Tower ? It seems really overkill in most cases especially when your wincon is Dramatic Scepter. Also tapping for colorless when the commander costs is painful.

Isn't Thousand-Year Storm really unnecessary? Sure you get infinite storm with dramatic scepter, but why not just run Grapeshot or Brain Freeze at that point?

How's Keranos, God of Storms doing? He seems painfully slow for the odd chance to bolt.

All in all, I do like the deck. Props for not defaulting to the Curiosity Combo Niv is infamous for! If you're interested, here's my own decklist, though it's still a work in progress, any suggestions are more than welcome: Mad Science with a bit of Control

wisegreenbean on KEFNOOT

2 years ago

Sensei's Divining Top seems like an auto-include in your top-deck hero style deck.

Learn from the Past is a lil sketchy...I thought you were a mill deck? ;) Grave hate is gud but you can just be running Relic of Progenitus effects. The synergy upsides are nais but not worth running a meh card.

Arcane Melee seems like an overcosted mana rock on average. You aren't storming off, on average.

Ashnod's Altar is an somewhat odd include in your super low creature count deck??? Putting Kefnoot into your library might be an ok if ballsy move sometimes but idk if it's worth such a dedicated sac outlet. You only have like 3 token generators...

Not to be a degenerate sicko mode boi but...no Laboratory Maniac or new jace maniac?

Panas on Your Signature Spellbook

2 years ago

Learn from the Past

Burn Away

Dawn Charm

Imp's Mischief

Primal Command

AEther Snap

Reality Shift

Bitter Ordeal

This is my spellbook. I tend to find ways and effects that bend the colour pie, as well as some spells I consider "hidden gems"!

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