Valor in Akros

Valor in Akros


Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control, creatures you control get +1/+1 until end of turn.

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Valor in Akros Discussion

Bolbae on Prowess Tokens EDH - Elsha of the Infinite

1 year ago

I did notice the deck needs better pumpers - thank you for your suggestions. Valor in Akros might fit the strategy, I added it to the maybeboard. Obviously, the same goes for Cathars' Crusade, however, I hate the card because of the hassle with the dice. If I remember correctly, it even was in a previous version of the deck.

As for the commander, I chose Elsha of the Infinite because I had tried building a Melek, Izzet Paragon spellslinger deck before that sucked and Elsha does most things they did but better while also including another color. Including the token strategy into the Else deck was just my way of getting creative. Maybe if I started out not with a spellslinger theme but with a tokens theme, I would have chosen Kykar, Wind's Fury instead. So maybe you're right, but who's better is not relevant to me :)

Thanks for your comment!

Akki0 on Prowess Tokens EDH - Elsha of the Infinite

1 year ago

Hi Bolbae,

Look at Valor in Akros and Cathars' Crusade for even better pumpers as prowess, since your tokenmaker creatures trigger on spells/noncreature they work the same but can generate two triggers if you have two token generators on board (and trigger some of the tokens generators as well). I use the same idea in a Kykar deck I have.

Also isn't Kykar a better fit for your strategy? :-)

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