Beacon of Creation

Beacon of Creation


Put a 1/1 green Insect creature token into play for each Forest you control. Shuffle Beacon of Creation into its owner's library.

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Beacon of Creation Discussion

Crow-Umbra on Fibonacci Debauchery

4 months ago

Thank you for the suggestion sparklepants, I appreciate it, but I do have Mystic Reflection in mainboard. Haven't had a chance to play it yet. Beacon of Creation did some work for me this past weekend.

wyzeman on Walk in the Vastwood

4 months ago

out : Wilt , Lotus Cobra , Beacon of Creation

in: Gleeful Sabotage , Yavimaya Dryad , Traproot Kami .

I have never use Wilt for the cycling ability. Yavimaya is weaker than Lotus but offer a better synergy by adding more land and skimming the deck and Traproot is a better blocker than the chumpblockers provided by Beacon of creation and it also help to cover the fying weakness.

MyrmidonSold1er on That one Deck with 75 Forests in it!

6 months ago

Have you considered adding Beacon of Creation to the deck?

DemonDragonJ on Commander Legends Spoilers

11 months ago

In this set, I would like to see Nimbus Maze have a complete cycle, in addition to the battle lands and horizon lands having their cycles completed, as well; I know that that is not likely to occur, but it still would be nice.

A card of Kyodai, O-Kagachi's daughter, would also be great, since she had a brief but significant role in the story of the Kamigawa block.

Red Sun's Zenith is the only card in that cycle that has never been reprinted, so it would be nice to have a reprint of it in this set, and the same is true for Beacon of Creation and Beacon of Immortality, as well.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor, can you imagine how powerful she may have been if she had been a planeswalker as Phage?

iammute on Yo Soy Groot (Multani EDH)

11 months ago

rjife thanks for your comment and your suggestion. I'm not really a fan of Avenger of Zendikar which is why I'm not running it. I'm running Beacon of Creation, Rampaging Baloths and Ezuri's Predation if I want to go wide but getting Multani, or friend, very large is my real focus.

Slivortal on Freyalise High Tide

1 year ago

Hi ShinyZ and DivineKhaos, sorry for the delayed response; things have been pretty hectic IRL, and I haven't had a chance to play much given that most game stores remain closed. Here are my thoughts on the more recent cards to come out. They're mostly theoretical, though I hope to test them soon.


Vivien, Monsters' Advocate - A powerful card with a powerful effect. The main problem with Vivien though is how she fits into your curve. She's very good on the specific turn between when you cast Freyalise and when you combo off, but she's not very good on other turns. Since this deck's goal is to cast Freyalise on-curve, she's not the first thing we'll cast on 5 mana. And on our combo turn she's not very effective, given that she's 5 mana for her tutor effect. She can still be worth it if you can cast her and a 6+ drop given that she can tutor for a Hermit and make her mana cost back, but that requires specific cards and a lot of mana. One of her upsides though is that she can provide a reach token to fend off fliers, and she obviously has a lot of value in grind games. I can see a place for her, but her clunkiness is noteworthy. The bar for noncreature spells that cost more than 2-3 mana is very high, though.

Kogla, the Titan Ape - This card is relatively good, and outshines all previous Somberwald Stag effects given the size of its body for its mana cost. The ability to toolbox into it makes Kogla actually very tempting. The other two effects are unfortunately somewhat niche; our only humans are Eternal Witness and Dosan the Falling Leaf. Looping Eternal Witness is good, but I think there's a nonzero chance Dosan gets cut (see below). As for the artifact/enchantment removal effect, it's also good, but like Vivien shines much more in grind games. It can also be tutored by Fierce Empath/Woodland Bellower via Fierce Empath, which is a relatively big deal, and it has a great base power for Greater Good

Manascape Refractor - Too slow and clunky, unfortunately. As I mentioned with Vivien, it's only good on the turn between when you play Freya and when you combo. However, unlike Vivien, it's not nearly as good in grind games. It's also very fragile, since this deck tends to dodge and blank artifact removal in a good amount of games, while this plays right into it.

Curious Herd - Again, this is a noncreature spell that costs more than a couple mana, which is almost an immediate death sentence. While it can create a decent amount of tokens, it's also conditional, and I'm not sure if the condition is better than that of Beacon of Creation, Spontaneous Generation, or Saproling Symbiosis, all of which have been tested at various points in this deck's history.

CORE 2021 There isn't much here, but Sporeweb Weaver is worth mentioning as a potential anti-flyer check, if you know you're going into a meta with a lot of flyers.


There's a lot to go over here, even though the spoilers aren't even over yet.

Llanowar Visionary is actually playable, surprisingly. This deck primarily values ramp creatures that are 1 mana, but it also values ramp creatures at 3 mana, for the 1-3-5 T3 Freya curve. Of 3-mana ramp creatures, Visionary is pretty strong given that it gives you back your card, and still cycles at minimum during your combo turn.

Allosaurus Shepherd - On to the big one. This card is absolutely absurd. For 1 mana, you get a creature in an extremely relevant creature type that can't be countered, and prevents all our other power spells from being countered as well. Additionally, the 6-mana effect is relevant with Greater Good, since it gives all your elves an effective +3 to +4 power. Immediate comparisons will be drawn with Dosan, and I don't think there is room for both given tight deck space. Shepherd has several benefits over Dosan; it's in a better creature type, it has far more relevant text in games where you don't need the interruption protection, it costs far less mana, and its inability to be countered is key in games where the opponent has multiple counterspells. It's also not legendary, which means that it's a valid part of the Woodland Bellower toolbox. It's also easier to play on turns you don't go off, given that it doesn't shut down other players' abilities to interact with other players' combos. The downsides are worth mentioning though, in that Shepherd only stops counterspells. That means it's weaker against opposing counters + removal, since the Shepherd can be removed and counterspells can be turned online. It also still allows opponents to interact with removal at key chokepoints in certain combo lines, even with a lack of counterspells. However, I think the benefits of Shepherd far outweigh the negatives, and I fully expect to replace Dosan upon release.

Takeaways - Takeaways - Vivien, maybe. Kogla, strong maybe. Refractor, no. Herd, no. Visionary, maybe. Shepherd, yes. No other cards worth discussing. Potential cuts:

Ramunap for Kogla - Depends on which toolbox you value more; creature removal or land recursion.

Song for Vivien - The problem with this cut is that Song is much easier to cast and is one of our few answers. Vivien's strong, but it's really hard to find a noncreature to replace. You can replace Carpet if you're going into games where you know that you're not playing against blue, but I think the potential cuts are low.

Ramunap for Visionary. I think if you don't cut Ramunap for Kogla, cutting Ramunap for Visionary is very tempting. While Ramunap is an additional recursion piece for Cradle and Nykthos, Visionary is simply far more proactive, and the more I play this deck, the more I value proactive cards.

Dosan for Shepherd. Unfortunately, I think Dosan's time is up. He's a pet card of mine, and he's served his purpose well over the years. However, Shepherd is extremely powerful, and I don't think there's room in this deck for two cards with this same effect.

Joe_Ken_ on Look on my tokens, ye mighty, and despair!

1 year ago

Tendershoot Dryad could be an interesting creature for the deck, making a saporling at each turn so you’ll have a constantly enlarging board.

Beacon of Creation is also a sort of low mana cost card that can make you a good amount of token creatures.

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