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Seat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 - 1 Favored Hoplite Fabled Hero Hammer of Purphoros Stoneshock Giant Battlewise Hoplite Temple of Silence Ordeal of Thassa Medomai the Ageless
1 - 2 Warriors' Lesson Gray Merchant of Asphodel Magma Jet Centaur Battlemaster Battlewise Hoplite Magma Jet Battlewise Hoplite Anthousa, Setessan Hero
1 - 3 Sealock Monster Ordeal of Nylea Wingsteed Rider Gray Merchant of Asphodel Voyage's End Temple of Triumph Griptide Akroan Hoplite
1 - 4 Read the Bones Nessian Asp Insatiable Harpy Firedrinker Satyr Voyaging Satyr Leafcrown Dryad Hopeful Eidolon Firedrinker Satyr
1 - 5 Voyage's End Prescient Chimera Minotaur Skullcleaver Sedge Scorpion Griptide Minotaur Skullcleaver Akroan Hoplite Pharika's Mender
1 - 6 Ill-Tempered Cyclops Battlewise Valor Dragon Mantle Scourgemark Voyage's End Flamespeaker Adept Leonin Snarecaster Prowler's Helm
1 - 7 Fate Foretold Dragon Mantle Voyaging Satyr Lash of the Whip Chosen by Heliod Hopeful Eidolon Hopeful Eidolon Glare of Heresy
1 - 8 Sentry of the Underworld Opaline Unicorn Nylea's Presence Opaline Unicorn Aqueous Form Sip of Hemlock Breaching Hippocamp Voyage's End
1 - 9 Returned Centaur Blood-Toll Harpy Spearpoint Oread Borderland Minotaur Prescient Chimera Vulpine Goliath Ephara's Warden Nylea's Presence
1 - 10 Traveling Philosopher Deathbellow Raider Staunch-Hearted Warrior Ill-Tempered Cyclops Yoked Ox Akroan Crusader Gainsay Boon of Erebos
1 - 11 Vulpine Goliath Wild Celebrants Agent of Horizons Viper's Kiss Chosen by Heliod Lost in a Labyrinth Gods Willing Stymied Hopes
1 - 12 Ill-Tempered Cyclops Nylea's Presence Agent of Horizons Setessan Griffin Yoked Ox Cavern Lampad Ephara's Warden Satyr Piper
1 - 13 Triton Shorethief Yoked Ox Fleetfeather Sandals Ephara's Warden Triton Shorethief Nylea's Presence Pheres-Band Centaurs Pheres-Band Centaurs
1 - 14 Fleshmad Steed Traveling Philosopher Satyr Rambler Lost in a Labyrinth Crackling Triton Flamecast Wheel Peak Eruption Setessan Griffin
2 - 1 Shipbreaker Kraken Erebos's Emissary Rageblood Shaman Curse of the Swine Phalanx Leader Prophet of Kruphix Coordinated Assault Gray Merchant of Asphodel
2 - 2 Artisan of Forms Felhide Minotaur Keepsake Gorgon Erebos's Emissary Triton Fortune Hunter Underworld Cerberus Magma Jet Ordeal of Purphoros
2 - 3 Dissolve Deathbellow Raider Psychic Intrusion Horizon Chimera Omenspeaker Burnished Hart Aqueous Form Coordinated Assault
2 - 4 Omenspeaker Horizon Scholar Flamespeaker Adept Ordeal of Erebos Nessian Asp Evangel of Heliod Prescient Chimera Portent of Betrayal
2 - 5 Prescient Chimera Griptide Time to Feed Minotaur Skullcleaver Sedge Scorpion Dauntless Onslaught Wingsteed Rider Hopeful Eidolon
2 - 6 Fate Foretold Scourgemark Leafcrown Dryad Blood-Toll Harpy Vaporkin Voyage's End Wavecrash Triton Portent of Betrayal
2 - 7 Nylea's Disciple Asphodel Wanderer Borderland Minotaur Spark Jolt Dauntless Onslaught Opaline Unicorn Breaching Hippocamp Defend the Hearth
2 - 8 Defend the Hearth March of the Returned Omenspeaker Titan's Strength Unknown Shores Fate Foretold Wavecrash Triton Nessian Courser
2 - 9 Bronze Sable Boon of Erebos Evangel of Heliod Pharika's Mender Traveling Philosopher Guardians of Meletis Leonin Snarecaster Dragon Mantle
2 - 10 Cavalry Pegasus Returned Centaur Sip of Hemlock Time to Feed Last Breath Cavalry Pegasus Destructive Revelry Loathsome Catoblepas
2 - 11 Ray of Dissolution Boon of Erebos Nessian Courser Pheres-Band Centaurs Lagonna-Band Elder Felhide Minotaur Crackling Triton Messenger's Speed
2 - 12 Fade into Antiquity Stymied Hopes Commune with the Gods Nylea's Presence Anvilwrought Raptor Peak Eruption Asphodel Wanderer Nylea's Presence
2 - 13 Thassa's Bounty Yoked Ox Yoked Ox Shredding Winds Ephara's Warden Thassa's Bounty Witches' Eye Lash of the Whip
2 - 14 Ray of Dissolution Decorated Griffin Firedrinker DUMVER Satyr Hedonist Demolish Pheres-Band Centaurs Kragma Warcaller Returned Centaur
3 - 1 Colossus of Akros Scourgemark Temple of Mystery Gray Merchant of Asphodel Whip of Erebos Colossus of Akros Titan's Strength Purphoros, God of the Forge
3 - 2 Boon Satyr Ordeal of Erebos Ordeal of Erebos Voyaging Satyr Psychic Intrusion Ordeal of Thassa Vaporkin Agent of the Fates
3 - 3 Karametra's Acolyte Magma Jet Voyaging Satyr Insatiable Harpy Omenspeaker Chronicler of Heroes Wingsteed Rider Insatiable Harpy
3 - 4 Omenspeaker Coordinated Assault Warriors' Lesson Ill-Tempered Cyclops Vaporkin Titan's Strength Evangel of Heliod Hopeful Eidolon
3 - 5 Read the Bones Pharika's Cure Stoneshock Giant Rage of Purphoros Griptide Centaur Battlemaster Vulpine Goliath Portent of Betrayal
3 - 6 Prowler's Helm Disciple of Phenax Deathbellow Raider Two-Headed Cerberus Setessan Battle Priest Hopeful Eidolon Battlewise Valor Rescue from the Underworld
3 - 7 Benthic Giant Disciple of Phenax Savage Surge Baleful Eidolon Aqueous Form Fate Foretold Observant Alseid Psychic Intrusion
3 - 8 Leafcrown Dryad Leonin Snarecaster Dragon Mantle Blood-Toll Harpy Voyaging Satyr Blood-Toll Harpy Sip of Hemlock Portent of Betrayal
3 - 9 Breaching Hippocamp Sedge Scorpion Prowler's Helm Two-Headed Cerberus Cutthroat Maneuver Read the Bones Shredding Winds Spark Jolt
3 - 10 Spellheart Chimera Blood-Toll Harpy Spearpoint Oread Hunt the Hunter Traveling Philosopher Messenger's Speed Savage Surge Vulpine Goliath
3 - 11 Thassa's Bounty Last Breath Hunt the Hunter Griptide Satyr Rambler Sip of Hemlock Satyr Rambler Scourgemark
3 - 12 Nylea's Disciple Felhide Minotaur Artisan's Sorrow Fleetfeather Sandals Thassa's Bounty Traveling Philosopher Time to Feed Fade into Antiquity
3 - 13 Felhide Minotaur Lost in a Labyrinth Boulderfall Triton Shorethief Yoked Ox Felhide Minotaur Pheres-Band Centaurs Commune with the Gods
3 - 14 Fleetfeather Sandals Demolish Artisan's Sorrow Ray of Dissolution Fade into Antiquity Destructive Revelry Silent Artisan Loathsome Catoblepas