Destructive Revelry


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros (THS) Uncommon
Duel Decks: Heroes vs. Monsters (DDL) Uncommon

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Destructive Revelry


Destroy target artifact or enchantment. Destructive Revelry deals 2 damage to that permanent's controller.

Destructive Revelry Discussion

Dancing-Blade on Artifwhackts

2 days ago

hellhole3927 A lot to reply to, so forgive me if I miss anything. As I said in the earlier post, Atarka's Command would be worked into the sideboard, not mainboard. This would most likely be in place of the two Skullcrack 's. Don't think it is wholly necessary mainboard, especially as Signal Pest essentially acts as Bushwhackers 9-12 anyway.

Legion Loyalist is a card that has eluded me since this deck's conception. I'm aware how powerful he is and have always wanted him in this list in some fashion, but I have no idea where the room is. Possibly in the sideboard to help with things like Lingering Souls . That said, Kytheon, Hero of Akros  Flip and Toolcraft Exemplar are quite key to the deck. The synergy between Kytheon and Bomat Courier (ie. Courier allowing Kytheon to flip on turn 2 easily and then Gideon protecting Courier to allow for a load of card draw later if needed) is something I'm quite fond of and is very powerful in practise. As for Toolcraft Exemplar , he just hits like a truck.

When I speak about BTE being able to cast only Reckless Bushwhacker and Destructive Revelry , I'm aware that artifacts could be cast with them as well, however my point was that realistically, these are going to be cast beforehand. In my opinion, BTE is something that you cast when you intend to go off that turn, after emptying your hand of all other things you want to cast on the turns earlier.

I'd have to say no to adding more Kuldotha Rebirth 's as well. Having ran 3 of them in the past, this proved to be too much. Drawing two is often unnecessary. By extension, I have to disagree about Goblin Piledriver as well. Goblin's isn't really the theme here; artifacts is more so.

I do however, really like your point about Gut Shot . Realistically makes a lot of sense. I'll definitely consider it.


2 weeks ago

Flooremoji oh yeah i forgot about mantra! Thanks. Vial looks cool but against competative burn decks i think its a bit too slow and vulnerable to sideboard hate like Destructive Revelry .

jld592: i like pridemate its a huge threat with Tarmogoyf esque feels. But its also vulnerable to Searing Blaze and any firm of removal as it enters. Everythig else has protection or takes 2 burn spells to kill.

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Why aren’t ramunap ruins and ...

2 weeks ago

Burn cares more about its life total than one would expect. The go-to burn deck in modern is Boros with a green splash for Destructive Revelry out of the sideboard. But Atarka's Command is strictly better than Skullcrack . You'd think that they would play it since they're already in green. But they don't. Apparently you get a higher win without it by saving a few life and only fetching for green when you board in Revelry.

coctanic36 on Rakdos Burn Modern 2019

2 weeks ago

kumenatheman The Lands are a little weird for sure. Since I'm running 10 fetches, and I'm technically only splashing black for Bump in the Night , I can mix and match shocklands for sideboard cards. Maybe put in a single Stomping Ground for a Destructive Revelry , or maybe a Sacred Foundry to get things like Rest in Peace . I haven't really thought about the sideboard much but having more fetches helps with land flexibility for the sideboard.

PlatinumWare They really help procing landfall for Searing Blaze when you need it and because I'm running Grim Lavamancer , fetches are a good include with the minuscule benefit of deck thinning.

triproberts12 on Hydra Over Run

3 weeks ago

Citanul Flute is a good card for Hydra decks. If you're going to bother with the Urza lands, you'll want to run Hour of Promise , so you actually stand a chance of assembling Tron. Not really sure what Reflecting Pool is doing in a deck with no double red costs.

I think there's a lot of room for general card improvement, as well. Run Sakura-Tribe Elder over Darksteel Ingot. Instead of Naturalize, Cindervines and Destructive Revelry get in additional damage. If you're willing to give up Instant-speed, Hull Breach and Gleeful Sabotage hit multiple targets. Krosan Grip is an EDH staple, since it can't be responded to. Nature's Claim is cheaper.

Without cards that care about Basics, you shouldn't be running Evolving Wilds in a 2-color deck. Any dual is better, although, I don't know what you're thinking only running 33 lands. This deck should be running 36-38 lands, easy. Only cEDH decks run that few lands, and it's because they don't expect to need a 4th or 5th land drop before the game is over.

I would take a look at EDHREC to see what the best cards out there for Rosheen Meanderer Hydra tribal decks and in Gruul in general are.

APPLE01DOJ on Mono Green Sideboard: 3/1-2/2 Split?

1 month ago

In the deck above It's only good if you can ramp into it with the same mana dorks you won't be able to play after landing a chalice on 1.

Honestly it's not needed. If burn is really a problem, life gain is best, you could even run Dragon's Claw or Amulet of Safekeeping .

Burn typically expects white leyline game 2 anyway and sides in Destructive Revelry .

Icbrgr on Rakdos - Are there really ...

1 month ago

As far as sideboard options go; I ran Ratchet Bomb for the longest time as a way to deal with enchantments... eventually I realized that by the time i got enough counters on it the 2-4 CMC Enchantment had already done what it needed to do to beat me anyway.... so now I run other tech like Torpor Orb to increase my chances to win in other matchups. You could splash to gain access to enchantment removal spells like Destructive Revelry ?

For the main deck I say play to the strength has with low CMC discard spells like Duress or Inquisition of Kozilek / Thoughtseize . The perk of being able to pluck out a Jace, the Mind Sculptor early on in other matchups feels good too.

StopShot on Rakdos - Are there really ...

1 month ago

Word of Seizing gives you a turn to attack for free as you can gain control of their Ghostly Prison for the turn.

Confusion in the Ranks can effectively make your opponent lose control of Ghostly Prison for the duration of the game, and yes, Confusion in the Ranks does trigger off itself entering the battlefield so you can exchange it right away.

If you remove Terminate and Rakdos Signet for Demonic Dread there will be no spells in your deck with CMC 2 or less. That means if you board in the Dread and a card like Destructive Revelry , Back to Nature , or Abrupt Decay then your Demonic Dread will always cast whatever 2-cost spell is in your deck without needing to pay it's mana costs. (You can always run Dismember instead of Terminate if you want a cheap removal spot or you can just board out Terminate for the Demonic Dread combo whenever you need enchantment hate more.)

Rampaging Ferocidon would probably make for an amazing sideboard-tech against soul-sisters without needing to mess with the Ghostly Prison .

When it comes to Black-Red you really have to get wacky if you want to interact with enchantments. It may be better to run discard effects like Inquisition of Kozilek or meta-specific sideboard-hate like the Ferocidon though.

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Destructive Revelry occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.01%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%