Agent of the Fates

Creature — Human Assassin


Heroic Whenever you cast a spell that targets Agent of the Fates, each opponent sacrifices a creature.

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Agent of the Fates Discussion

NV_1980 on Killing Curiosity, Ambition, & Valor

1 week ago

FYI, you can also equip Thornbite Staff to Agent of the Fates and kill a lot that way; everything if you have some sort of way to get infinite mana.

IronLady on Green Black Deathtouch

2 months ago

I went the other way by creating a black/ red assassins deck. Has Agent of the Fates, Hand of Silumgar, Graveblade Marauder, Thrill-Kill Assassin and Ruthless Ripper

I then use instants to give all a first strike capacity. Really fun deck to play.

Mr_Radical on black death

2 months ago

If you're running lots of combat tricks, including a creature with heroic will be very effective. I recommend swapping Thornbow Archer out for Tormented Hero, Agent of the Fates, Ashiok's Adept, or Bloodcrazed Hoplite.

Neotrup on How agent of the fates ...

2 months ago

As long as you're targeting Agent of the Fates with a spell (even an aura spell like Shimmering Wings), its heroic ability will trigger. Each time you cast it it's a new spell, even though it's the same card.

HarrisonHarry on black death

3 months ago

I feel like Agent of the Fates could find a home here. +1 from me!

TheVectornaut on Damien Dhark

3 months ago

robgould339, I think it entirely depends on your gameplan. If you're going for a more competitive deck, reanimator is the more powerful archetype. The deck doesn't really need deathtouch creatures to operate though, so it might be easier to start from scratch. By contrast, the deathtouch plan is weaker, but it is much more likely to thrive in a casual environment and will probably cost much less to build. As mentioned, I don't even think graveyard recursion is necessary in such a deck. I'd rather rely on card draw to keep fuel in the engine. Harvester of Souls, Harmonize, Shamanic Revelation, Phyrexian Arena- that sort of thing. Combining the strategies isn't awful, I just don't think it's altogether that necessary.

I'd probably stick to the deathtouch gameplan if I was building the deck since thematic homebrews are more my style. I'd probably run all the small guys, seeing as you only need 1 damage for deathtouch to work. Typhoid Rats, Ambush Viper, Deathmist Raptor, Vampire Nighthawk. Having a few beaters on the high end certainly doesn't hurt. Wurmcoil Engine was one really strong option that slipped my mind. Then, I'd just want ways to exploit deathtouch. Pathway Arrows + Glissa, the Traitor, Lure, Irresistible Prey + Agent of the Fates- anything in that ballpark.

Spirits on the vast whoopass

3 months ago

Nice creature centric build, must be fun to play.

I would get a Command Tower in here.

You don't quite have enough spells targeting creatures to utilize Agent of the Fates, I would replace her with a Demonic Tutor so you can pull a REALLY fun Dragon to your hand, or the Coat of Arms.

Serra Avenger is a little weak for a turn 4 drop, and a wasted drop off a Kaalia of the Vast trigger. Angel of Despair, Lord of the Void, Iona, Shield of Emeria, Reya Dawnbringer, Hellkite Tyrant, all feel like better drops.

You have a few ways to cheat in the creatures, could ramp a bit more with Orzhov Signet or Boros Signet, or some other tricks like a Sneak Attack, Whip of Erebos and a Sundial of the Infinite to allow you to keep the creatures long term. With so many creatures would be pretty effective.

fancierwizard on Assassin Tribal

6 months ago

Take a look at Kiku, Night's Flower, Agent of the Fates, Stronghold Assassin, and maybe Queen Marchesa if you really want to go out there.

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