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I wanted to create a deck of my own, unpretentious, fun and not overwhelming for my friends. The deck is based on interactions with instant, sorcery, and the graveyard, and the opportunity to cast their spells and those of others without paying its mana cost. Here are some synergies:


  • Metallurgic Summonings, Talrand, Sky Summoner and Docent of Perfection for to create a myriad of tokens;
  • Enter the Infinite with Laboratory Maniac for istant win;
  • Living Lore with Enter the Infinite and Laboratory Maniac for the same thing.
  • Consecrated Sphinx with Windfall to draw the deck with three or more players.

I'm thinking of incorporating the Contagion Engine to take advantage of Jace skills and get to the ultimate. You think it is a good idea?



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