Brain in a Jar

Brain in a Jar


, : Put a charge counter on Brain in a Jar, then you may cast an instant or sorcery card with converted mana cost equal to the number of charge counters on Brain in a Jar from your hand without paying its mana cost.

, , Remove X charge counters from Brain in a Jar: Scry X.

Brain in a Jar Discussion

GhostChieftain on Atraxa, Horror Tribal

6 months ago

I have low key been wanting to try this too, but I have been focusing my money on my cEDH adventures.

Whenever I think horrors, I think H.P. Lovecraft. Grimoire of the Dead and Brain in a Jar both have the lovecrafty feel and fit atraxas proliferate

DragonLordJippy on A Better Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion

7 months ago


Hey to you too! Deck has changed quite a bit actually, haha. These recent changes were crucial... Strategies I developed when brewing prototype Krenko and Kiki-Jiki lists that made there way here. I'll start with Brain in a Jar , it (currently) has 36 targets and helps us cheat out spells at instant speed for 1 Generic. It flows perfectly with our curve and helps us if we're red deficient to cast the multitude of R and RR spells featured here. It also makes our Rituals that much better. Goblin Welder messes with our opponents and during the multiple Attacks and (more importantly) Untaps, we can use him to ramp through our Graveyard (with various pitched Rocks), allowing us to continue Wheeling and Attacking with added Mana, carrying over leftovers from Neheb. Furthermore, it can recur and replay Memory Jar and if you have ever played Mem Jar twice in one turn... It's a feeling like nothing else. Same story for Goblin Engineer , Ramp and Entomb for: Obsidian Battle-Axe , Mask of Memory & Swiftfoot Boots . You may have missed these, but I will also encourage you add: Flamekin Harbinger and Sarkhan's Triumph . One will tutor for Grinning Ignus or Generator Servant to help us Ramp early-to-mid game, should Neheb be foiled or need a boost; while Triumph is an instant speed, Tutor for Runehorn Hellkite (and sometime's Knollspine Dragon ): grab the Dragon on the turn before you Attack, ditch the Dragon on the Attack and have a Wheel in your Graveyard. Hope this bit of intel helps. This are what I would consider must includes now... Also, expect an update to the primer here soon to further explain the Cards chosen. I may even provide a video update to discuss this list. Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion is a Deck to look out for.

sylvannos on Collective Conjuring in modern

8 months ago

Card seems nuts with Restore Balance , Wheel of Fate , and Ancestral Vision . That also gives really good synergy with As Foretold and/or Brain in a Jar .

The trick is finding a win condition that's a sorcery with CMC < 4. Maybe burn spells like Blightning ? Token makers like Call of the Herd , Call of the Conclave , or Supply / Demand (which also tutors)? Mill might also be viable using Breaking / Entering and Glimpse the Unthinkable .

hungry000 on Icy/Hot

9 months ago

For the record, Expansion / Explosion would not work with Isochron Scepter because of the rules change a little bit ago that changed split cards' cmc to be equal to the sum of both halves. (rip Brain in a Jar / Beck / Call deck)

It's definitely worth including some amount of Silence / Holy Day / Angel's Grace to potentially lock out all combat damage or spells the opponent would want to play (barring any topdecked instants). Also, this deck should play less like burn and more like midrange imo since you can make a lot of value with Isochron Scepter every turn. So cards that are more focused around stalling would make better use of Scepter than just copying a burn spell and playing like a bad burn deck. Some other cards that might be nice: Justice Strike , Path, Muddle the Mixture

Justmaximum on Maze Runner Niv-Mizzet Edition

9 months ago

I love this deck! I have wanted to build a gate wincon deck since I discovered Maze's End . I suggest adding more normal ramp and then having Scapeshift , so you can sacrifice all your normal lands and replace them with gates. Maybe also run: Brain in a Jar , Leyline of Anticipation , Quicken , or Hypersonic Dragon so you can try and do your gate shenanigans on the previous players end step so that there's no time for them to react to the upkeep win from Maze's End .

Overall awesome deck! I plan to building something similar! Love that the price is also relatively low.

GoldenAgeBatman on Can Howltooth Hollow Play non-Instants ...

1 year ago

Would Howltooth Hollow allow for stashing a non-Instant speed card like, say, Damnation and be able to play it at Instant speed similar to Brain in a Jar?

lucster6 on One Punch Monk ($25)

1 year ago

Brain in a Jar only allows you to play one card at a time? I don't get how you plan on playing 8 different spells on turn 4...

Loreshadow on Winter Orb Powers!

1 year ago

Doesn't look like it works like you're wanting it to. You have two artifacts that say Tap, but no Untap. That leaves you with only untapping on your upkeep, and letting your opponent play his cards freely on his turn after you do. So while you get the initiative you don't really get to abuse it fully.

You can:

Add Untap permanents like Retreat to Coralhelm and spells like Refocus.

Add land untapping indirectly with Slab Hammer.

Add Flash cards so that you can tap and play on opponents' turns, allowing you to Untap for free on your turn, after you untap your mana maybe? Ask the rule guys about that.

Add Quicksilver Amulet to play Flash creatures of any mana cost when Winter Orb is tapped. Creatures cannot be countered as they aren't cast.

Add Brain in a Jar to play your 1, 2 and 3 mana spells, for one mana. Reset for 3 mana or just stop using it, or up your spell mana costs for powerful game winning spells.

Add Horribly Awry to abuse opponent's limited mana access.

Add Mirror Mockery with Enter the Battlefield affects for mana free repetitive affects. Slip Through Space and Artful Dodge could work well with that.

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