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Mizzix of the Izmagnus

Commander / EDH UR (Izzet)


Mizzix of the Izmagnus EDH

- Focus on casting cantrips and ramp artifacts. Goal: build resources and reach win-cons as quickly as possible.
- Use control spells and token generating creatures to protect ourselves until then.
- You don't necessarily need to cast Mizzix of the Izmagnus on curve. While she accelerates our game plan significantly, she draws a lot of hate. In this case, she can be used as a feint/ lightning rod to draw attention away from the other things you are doing, as she isn't necessary to win.
In the following cases, the "Minimum Conditions" produce infinite cast triggers (i.e. net 0 mana generation/ produce enough mana per iteration to sustain subsequent iteration only)

Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter

Minimum Conditions: Artifacts that produce 2+ mana.

Dramatic Reversal + Reiterate

Minimum Conditions: Artifacts that produce 2 red mana, and 4 Experience Counters (Or else) to repeat.

Reality Spasm + Reiterate

Minimum Conditions: Since permanents we mainly have only produce 1 mana per tap (using lands as examples): we need 2 Islands, 2 Mountains and 4 Experience Counters (Or else). First cast of Reality Spasm must untap 4+ permanents.

Mystic Retrieval + Reality Spasm + Runic Repetition

Example Initial State: All 3 cards are in graveyard.
1. Flashback Mystic Retrieval to return Runic Repetition from graveyard to hand.
2. Cast Runic Repetition to return Mystic Retrieval from exile to hand.
3. Cast Mystic Retrieval to return Reality Spasm from graveyard to hand.
4. Reality Spasm untap mana producers.
5. Repeat steps 1 - 4.

Minimum Conditions: 4 Islands, 1 Mountain, and 5 Experience Counters (Or else). Reality Spasm must untap 5+ permanents.

Dramatic Reversal + Mystic Retrieval + Runic Repetition

Similar to the Mystic Retrieval + Reality Spasm + Runic Repetition loop above, but is substantially harder to assemble as it relies purely on artifact mana generators.


Pretty self explanatory, though it makes your opponents unable to win, rather than you winning.

Blue Sun's Zenith and Stroke of Genius

Can be used to draw your entire deck, but can also be used to force your opponents to draw out their library and lose. Preferably, you should draw you library first to have all your cards at your disposal. Cast on your opponents with X = 101 an keep and eye out for Laboratory Maniac effects.

Whispers of the Muse

Pretty self explanatory. Dig through your entire deck.

Spell Burst

Pretty self explanatory. Protects your other Wincons. However, it won't win a counter war by itself.


Magic happens when you can copy anything an infinite number of times.

Token Generators

Young Pyromancer , Murmuring Mystic , Talrand, Sky Summoner , and Docent of Perfection   can leverage on infinite cast triggers. Unfortunately, none of the tokens have haste, so winning will be delayed by a turn.

Mystical Tutor

Goes without saying.

Merchant Scroll

Narrower that Mystical Tutor , but good enough to search anything important.

Muddle the Mixture

Notably fetches both halves of Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter .

Whir of Invention

Notably Isochron Scepter . Don't forget Lightning Greaves . Otherwise just ramp further if on abundant mana already.

Firemind's Foresight

Can assemble Reality Spasm + Reiterate or Dramatic Reversal + Reiterate . Can also assemble Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter via Whir of Invention in the 3 CMC slot. In such cases, 1 CMC slot can go to something like Spell Burst for protection, or Whispers of the Muse to dig through your entire library.

Invert / Invent

Can assemble the Mystic Retrieval + Reality Spasm + Runic Repetition combo partially. Can assemble Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter as well (in a very convoluted way) via combinations of Merchant Scroll (in the sorcery slot) and others.

Mystic Confluence

Just a very versatile card. When there is nothing to tutor, Mystic Confluence will always come in handy.

Reins of Power

A nasty and abusable combat trick. Can cancel a combat, or steal an opponent's field for a winning swing.

Read the Runes

Can be used as a draw spell. Or, use it with Reins of Power to sac your opponent's creatures.

Cackling Counterpart

Flashback-able for creating a replacement Mizzix of the Izmagnus when it is targeted for removal. Or, can be used with Reins of Power to steal a creature.

Cerebral Vortex

Use normally as a draw 2 at instant speed. Otherwise, can be used to punish opponents that went infinite in the card draw department.

Collective Defiance

Can act as a single player Windfall . 4 Damage to a creature can also be surprisingly relevant. Otherwise, combo with Reiterate to kill.

Past in Flames

Sometimes I'm guilty of forgetting that it's already there in the graveyard.


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