Exquisite Firecraft


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic Origins Rare

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Exquisite Firecraft


Exquisite Firecraft deals 4 damage to target creature or player.

Spell mastery — If there are two or more instant and/or sorcery cards in your graveyard, Exquisite Firecraft can't be countered by spells or abilities.

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Exquisite Firecraft Discussion

GabeCubed on The Muscle Man's Magnificent Magic Menagerie

1 week ago

From your thread before:

  1. Yeah, you need to drop that curve. 5 mana spells and burn don't work together.

  2. Not sure about that sideboard. They are consistently meta-dependent, so worry about that when you start playing with the deck.

  3. Burn seems fine (take out the Banefire though, it's not good here), you need more though. Magma Jet, Searing Blaze, Sudden Shock and Exquisite Firecraft are great options.

Just needs to be more streamline, that's my thoughts.

As an aside, Bedlam Reveler is an awesome addition. I suggest that, it's great.

Hope that helps! If you have any questions, ask away.

sylvannos on Splashing with Fire

2 weeks ago

I would concur with the others about your sideboard. Soulfire Grand Master really isn't what you want against aggro or in the mirror. Kor Firewalkers backed up by Path to Exile to deal with your opponents' Kor Firewalkers is where you want to go. You also want Path to Exile so you don't just scoop to a Wurmcoil Engine on turn 3 from a Tron player.

I'd probably change your sideboard to look something like:

1x Anger of the Gods
2x Deflecting Palm
4x Destructive Revelry
2x Exquisite Firecraft/Wear / Tear/Rest in Peace/Molten Rain/Sudden Shock/Relic of Progenitus
3x Kor Firewalker
3x Path to Exile

The other thing is, if you're not playing Tribal Flames, there's no reason to play a 4th. color for Bump in the Night. Lose those and go up to 4 Skullcracks and 4 Searing Blaze in the main.

You also don't want basic Forest because of how hungry your deck is for red mana. With Bump in the Night gone, you can cut your black sources and the Forest for additional Mountains or fetch lands.

If you are wanting to build up a Tribal Flames list, you play black for Bump in the Night and blue for Geist of Saint Traft. I play Tribal Zoo myself with Siege Rhino, Noble Hierarch, Tarmogoyf, and Wild Nacatl. I'll post my deck here if you want or you can find it in my profile.

GlistenerAgent on How much damage would a ...

2 weeks ago

If the spell dealt more than four, it would be very, very good. Four damage is fine, people play Flames of the Blood Hand and Exquisite Firecraft.

On another note: What do you mean when you say "as a one-of"? People ask if cards would fit into a deck "as a one- or two-of" a lot, but I think the line of thinking you're on there is misguided. It's not a matter of fitting into 60 slots, it's a matter of whether or not a card fits a deck's strategy.

hardhitta71194 on How much damage would a ...

2 weeks ago

I guess more than 4 because Exquisite Firecraft is a thing. Other than that idk. I don't play Modern but still stick to 1-2 CMC spells that deal 2-3 damage. Like Shock, Lightning Bolt, and Lightning Strike. 3 damage can take care of quite a few threats.

Maybe someone who actually plays Modern can give you a better response though.

Also, I try to avoid any burn spells that aren't instants because I like the flexibility to cast it while attacking/defending to effect combat, among other things.

Great question though, I would like to hear others thoughts on this.

Edit: For me the 4 damage is fine, but it's the sorcery part that I don't care for.

VraskaTheCursed on Ulvenwald's Flames (First Frontier BURN Deck!)

1 month ago

@erty1468 thanks for the comment and upvote.

yes, i agree with you completely. Fiery Temper has proved to be the worst card in the deck during my playtests

i think i'm gonna go with Wild Slash because Become Immense turns off spell mastery for Exquisite Firecraft which is a very good spell in this deck, and Temur Battle Rage is a dead or low-impact card without 2-3 spells already cast that turn (assuming we have a prowess creature)

thanks again

lithium142 on Taylor and the Fly

1 month ago

why the Exquisite Firecraft? seems off curve and relatively unnecessary. if you're looking to have some burn, Lightning Bolt would surely be more effective

PhenomRecks on Looking for Modern Burn

1 month ago

Hey everyone im just getting into modern im normally a standard player, so i decided to build a burn deck since i like aggro decks. i just need some help with a few cards.


Eidolon of the Great Revel x4Lava Spike x4Combust x4Stomping grounds x2Searing Blood x4Destructive Revelry x4Exquisite Firecraft x4Grim Lavamancer x1Young Pyromancer x2Hellspark Elemental x2Skullcrack x1


Gideon, Ally of Zendikar x2Kiora, Master of the Depths x2Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger x2Heart of Kiran x1Torrential Gearhulk x1Windswept Heath x3Collective Brutality x2

i have many other rares and commons these are just some of the more expensive ones. please help me out and let me know what your looking for. im currently Stationed at Fort carson, Colorado. if your local we can meet up for trades if out of state i can mail them to you. thank you all very much.

Metamorphic1992 on Modern Goblins

2 months ago

Exquisite Firecraft is just meant to be an uncounterable finisher against blue b.c when they can't counter my goblins due to Cavern of Souls, they save for my noncreature spells so I board out Atarka's Command for it. There's Sudden Shock as an a cheaper alternative but it's only half the dmg for 1 less red mana. I didn't think it would be enough.

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