Highland Game


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Core Set 2019 (M19) Common
Khans of Tarkir (KTK) Common

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Highland Game

Creature — Elk

When Highland Game dies, you gain 2 life.

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Highland Game Discussion

legosare on First Deck (Green/Red)

2 years ago

First off, congratulations on your first deck!

Secondly, since you are playing primarily red and green I would suggest playing some taplands in those colors. For example, Rugged Highlands or Timber Gorge.

Since you are playing several landfall cards, I would also suggest more ramp spells like Explosive Vegetation, Nissa's Pilgrimage, and Blighted Woodland. Also, Elvish Mystic and Llanowar Elves are faster than Golden Hind.

I would suggest increasing the numbers of several cards, specifically Genesis Hydra, Oran-Rief Hydra, and Savage Ventmaw.

I would also suggest cutting the cards that don't fit the ramp and landfall theme very well, like Gaea's Blessing, Pacifism, Watcher in the Web, Highland Game, Briarhorn, Jaddi Lifestrider, Titanic Growth, Tread Upon, Enduring Victory, and Brazen Wolves.

thundermonkey123 on Gorging BG

2 years ago

ComixWriter, wow these are great suggestions. esp Shape the Sands and Highland Game. this deck had problems (which you pointed out way before i realized) that it can't really do damage quickly and won't build the graveyard much even with the lower power creatures. Recently, i have split to deck into a Hardened Scales deck with Managorger Hydra and an Assault Formation deck with the Graveblade Marauder. Looking to put those up on here. If you see them, would love to get your suggestions if you have the time!

ComixWriter on Conscientious Objection: Eldrazi 'Groundspawner'

2 years ago

Any good creature immediately wears a target on it. Oran-Rief Invoker supposes it won't get saddled with Pacifism or any of the weaker anti-creature spells my opponent has. The time needed to buff her requires a firmer commitment to mana in forms of increased land ratios, or somehow keeping my scion tokens alive long enough to get her to trample. Part of the attraction of never needing to attack is I can almost always dodge such rampant removal spells. Is that scion really worth an Oblivion Strike or Kill Shot? It's bad enough that Highland Game gets targeted a lot, but at least has utility in sacrifice; many other suggestions have less utility if/when sacrificed. Again, just one Impact Tremors does more damage than my attacking creatures. In only one game was I forced to go wide, having my enchantment bounced back to hand at instant speed. I still won, but it felt very weird, given my experience with playing this deck. As always, thanks for your feedback, f4i2001

ComixWriter on Conscientious Objection: Eldrazi 'Groundspawner'

2 years ago

Thank you, f4i2001. I agree with your assessments. Perhaps I am too greedy, and simply sought to splash black for discard, blue for card drawing/counterspells, etc.

In this regard, I've gone back to the core shell of green tokens and red direct damage (of which, I include Impact Tremors. I've the most experience with this shell, but made one exceptional difference: Tormenting Voice has less drawback when paired with Pulse of Murasa. Adding just three copies with three copies of Highland Game helps me obtain up to a maximum of +30 life (x3 Highland Game dead = 6; 3 x 6 = 18; replay Highland Game to death = +6; Grand Total = 20 Starting Life + 6 + 18 + 6 = 50 LIFE). Statistical maximums will rarely occur. If I only ever accrue half of the best total, I should have a fortified wall against most attackers. Knowing how this deck is best served by NOT attacking, a defensive game where Impact Tremors deals a lot of damage in concert with x8 direct damage spells is well equipped.

ComixWriter on Gorging BG

2 years ago

Thanks for being open-minded to others' feedback. I'll address what I see as the largest take-away from your card choices.

1) 20 lands in anything other than an aggro deck hinders your likelihood of drawing into your 3rd-turn land drop. If you struggle against faster decks, part of the reason may be insufficient mana to apply tempo. Based on your description, you seek greater consistency.

Although most/all of your cards and 3 or fewer CMC, fewer really impact the early game. Even if BOTH Graveblade Marauder and/or Managorger Hydra had haste, they probably lack real impact. How many creature cards do you expect to be in your graveyard by Turn 4- the soonest either bigger potential-threat could attack? How many spells do you think your opponent will cast once the hydra hits the table? Are you using Mind Rot on yourself to fill your graveyard with creatures? Please consider Duress x3 instead of other discard spells. Foul-Tongue Shriek allows you to deal pseudo-combat damage with your array of small and quickly cast creatures.

How would you deal with any other elf in play by your opponent, because wouldn't an elf negate your Thornbow Archer? How are you getting creatures into graveyards, either yours (Shambling Goblin, Zulaport Cutthroat) or their creatures? Don't expect your opponent to walk into a board with deathtouch.

If, as you indicate, you want the focus to be on Managorger Hydra or Graveblade Marauder, you seek at earliest a mid-game deck, or likely a combo-piece that sets-up more tricks. I do not see these two threats easily co-existing, but let's try Corpse Churn and Macabre Waltz and Typhoid Rats. Given a possible dumping of creatures in graveyards and their value, Undead Servant provides the best tokens.

Overall, I seriously question Managorger Hydra's utility- as an opponent, I'd be happy to have you play it, because:

1) Killing/neutering a 1, 2, or 3 toughness creature by Turn 3+ should be something most decks prioritize. Even if you cast a bunch of cantrips (which you currently won't have easily in current black/green cards), by Turn 4 with limited lands, I'll believe you won't hit consistent land drops to make use of other spells. In fact, I think you'll be fortunate to drop three lands by turn three, and certainly one or more of those lands will come into play tapped.

2) What else could you be doing on Turn Three other than cast a mere 1/1? Sure, it CAN grow, but do you have: A) The cards needed to cast to make it a serious threat? B) Defenses to protect it (i.e.:Unnatural Endurance, Titanic Growth), Lead by Example, Shape the Sands)? C) Card-drawing spells at whatever cost (Altar's Reap) to ensure you WILL have SOME spells to cast? Read the Bones is good, but I suspect you may want more cards, so even discarding creatures for Marauder's eventual hunger isn't so bad.

Overall, please consider picking either one of the two creatures you like, and build around them rather than make them compete for resources. You want to play like a mid-to-late control game, but only attack with tiny creatures. If you go green, pack Shape the Sands to survive direct damage against creatures while also protecting against flyers. In a deck that won't mind if creatures die, grab Highland Game and don't look back!

These are just my humble suggestions, offered in the spirit of competitive play. Be and play well!

ComixWriter on Mono-green Eldrazi

2 years ago

I like this deck, as a fan of ramp strategies. Eldrazi offer more large threats than a lot of recent monsters, with some unique abilities.

I also like how you avoid opponents' early spells that would surely target mana dorks. However, Highland Game game may give you the early chump blockers you SORELY need to survive long enough to cast your monsters.

However, how has your experience been different than mine with having fewer forests with x4 Nissa's Pilgrimage? With those spells - at best - you will fetch 12 forests, plus whatever you drew. I think x4 copies vs 7 forests threatens the utility of that spell, especially if/when you gain spell mastery. Without Walker of the Wastes, I think the utility of having fewer Wastes makes more sense, and may provide the outlet for you to add more Forest instead of the bland land. Perhaps a few Crumbling Vestige may help you gain the <> mana you seek.

wasianpower on surrak johnson

3 years ago

@nikolaie5: Well some of these cards are just bad. I'm sorry, but that's the nicest way I can say it. I would start out by cutting Wetland Sambar, Naturalize, Kin-Tree Warden, Jeering Instigator, Highland Game, Bloodfire Mentor, Archers' Parapet, Crippling Chill, Taigam's Scheming and Alpine Grizzly. For various reasons, all of these cards don't work in this deck. I would replace these with a variety of things: some counter magic would be good, or some things that take advantage of the stompy-ness of the temur, i.e. Savage Punch. I would also go ahead and make Savage Knuckleblade and Shaman of the Great Hunt into playsets. I would also go to 2-3 of Yasova Dragonclaw and Surrak Dragonclaw, and maybe also throw in a few Surrak, the Hunt Caller. Bounding Krasis and Heir of the Wilds are good ones too.

Another route you could go is Temur CoCo/aggro, if you have the money for a playset of Collected Company. If that interests you, look at team italy's list from the 2015 world magic cup: http://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/351611#online.

TheAmazingSalsa on First plains/forest

3 years ago

Ok, it's your first deck and I respect that, and please do not take it as me being a douchebag, I really just want to help you out!

You said in your description that you wanted life gain, but your deck is heavily centered around heavy hitters and not much about lifelink. I would say that you're better off with aggro rather than lifegain, but I'll give you some suggestions:


Drop the 2 Opulent Palace, get 3 more Blossoming Sands, and you're running way too many lands, I suggest you drop 9, so your deck has 60 cards exactly, more than that will just throw you off your game.


Nothing that has constellation will do much for you, because you simply don't run enough Enchantments, so I'd cut Eidolon of Blossoms, Humbler of Mortals and Harvestguard Alseids, they'll just be dead cards most of the time.

You should choose 2 heavy hitters for your deck, I'd say keep the Woodborn Behemoths and drop Wardscale Dragon, Ulvenwald Mystics  Flip and Duskdale Wurm.

Also, there are cards that just don't do enough, or cards that can be replaced with much better and cheap (as in, less than 50 cents at your local game store) cards that will make your deck be more efficient, those cards are: Dragon Bell Monk, Highland Game, Kitesail Scout, Oreskos Sun Guide, Oreskos Swiftclaw, Satyr Grovedancer, Soulmender and Trained Caracal.

This will leave you with 14 cards that you can fill with:

4x Sunblade Elf

4x Ajani's Sunstriker

3 more Sedge Scorpion

3x Ajani's Pridemate


there are some instants that are just underwhelming, they seem good but they won't do much and they can be switched for much better cards that fit your playstyle. I would drop Hold at Bay, Pressure Point, Savage Surge and Strip Bare.

I prefer Giant Growth over Titanic Growth, you should run a playset of one of the cards, but that's really up to you!

this will open up 5 spots, my suggestion is:

1 more Shape the Sands

4x Giant Growth or Titanic Growth


Lose Incremental Growth, it's just too expensive to be useful in a deck that's not centered around counters, Phytoburst is weaker than Titanic Growth and similar cards, so I wouldn't keep it. As for Commune with the Gods and Alive / Well, they feel useless in this strategy.

Seek the Horizon is worse than Explosive Vegetation, but, again, that's up to you.

This will open up 4 spots, here are the suggestions:

2 more Lay of the Land

3 more Explosive Vegetation


I'm going to be blunt, they're all terrible. I'm sorry to be a dick like this, but not one of those enchantments will do much for you, except for Bound in Silence, but Pacifism is essentially better.

My suggestion is, drop all of those enchantments and get 4 Pacifisms.

I'm sorry this became a huge text, and I'm terribly sorry if I came off to strong, I only mean to help! Much love!