This is a sub $300 budget version of:

Yeva Draw-Grow

Commander / EDH Inkmoth

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With this decklist, you can kill, wipe everything asymmetrically, or Mill a table at instant speed for a win. The changes made are in spirit with the main deck, however they are more cost-efficient therefore in turn a bit slower, but it still does exactly what the original one does.

Yeva, Nature's Herald plays with Blue's Draw-Go strategy in mind, except its early turns are spent ramping up as fast as possible which is where the "Grow" part comes from. While ramping you play value creatures that net you card advantage and leave bodies behind that can become relevant later with cards that take advantage of them i.e Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx/Chord of Calling. Once you reach the 7-8 mana production threshold you can start looking to either thwart an opponent from winning, or looking for the perfect moment to sneak in Yeva along with a big mana dork. The deck is very misleading as it never tells your opponents what direction it's going since you keep your strategy concealed in your hand up until you know you can safely start executing it. The coolest thing is how modular the win cons are, so in the early turns you can threat the table by ramping into a big mana dork forcing them to have to use their early turns dealing with it, since the deck can usually win if just ONE big mana dork makes it through Summoning Sickness.

This deck is for you if:

  • You don't mind playing a land and ending your turn
  • You like infinite combos
  • You like toolbox decks
  • You like winning on any turn or phase
  • Don't mind waiting on the perfect opportunity to strike
  • Think combat is boring in green
  • Don't mind saying "EOT" A LOT
  • Don't mind memorizing a whole deck
  • Want to remember what it was like to play Prophet of Kruphix in EDH

We play Yeva over other generals to play within pockets and phases of the game where people could least interact with you, and at the same time not investing all your resources by reserving your turn for what you truly want to or need to resolve.

At the cost of playing her out, Yeva gets to play on anyones' turn, and play reactively. Rather than load dumping like typical green and hoping that the stuff that matters makes it around the table, you can keep it safely in your hand to ensure it does at the end of the turn of the player to your right.

Yeva gets to avoid having critical combo pieces on board for a turn pass that need to wait out summoning sickness. This means we can flash in our powerful combo dorks like Priest of Titania and Karametra's Acolyte without our opponents being able to tutor answers or wipe our built critical mass.

The deck is also very deceptive as its boardstate always looks like it's much less developed than it actually is. You can respond to someone trying to stop you by legitimately winning without combat in a green deck. Winning at instant speed on top of interaction, combos, or while people are tapped out is a strong tool to outplay your opponents.

Yeva also gets to play value creatures as instant speed answers. Cards like Reclamation Sage can blow up a combo piece when it otherwise couldn't. Prowling Serpopard can eat a hostile counterspell off the stack. Temur Sabertooth can jump into protect vital pieces by returning them to hand in response to interaction. Combine these with creature-based tutors like Fierce Empath, Woodland Bellower, or instant speed tutors like Chord of Calling and you have a very good toolbox potential to control the game while working towards your endgame.

The credit to the addendums and the profound expansion of this section was all the work of ShaperSavant. He took the time to help in a moment where I was incapacitated and I am eternally grateful for it. Thanks dude!!

No individual matchup is terrible for Yeva, it has a vast majority of matchups well-thought-out and built against already, and further information on meta calls for those decks as well as a variety of additional options of gameplans against them are available!

Matchups involving an entire, or nearly entire table of fast, nonblue, uninteractive decks at the table are the worst possible Matchups. We can often handle farm and artifact decks quite well, however with no blue decks at the table, and non-blue turbo decks, it's increasingly hard to win the game with this deck, as Yeva is slower.

Cards to be wary of:

The deck is well equipped to deal with these if necessary, but they certainly throttle the deck until the answer is drawn or looked for.

These guys can be played at sorcery speed since they can fly under the radar until they become problematic. They also push us into our mid/late game as fast as possible.  

These guys should only be played at Instant speed and at the end of the turn of the opponent to your right. The biggest weakness this deck has is summoning sickness, so unless you have Touch of Vitae, or you have two of these guys (one in hand as back-up), OR know with certainty that they'll survive until Summoning Sickness wears off (usually T2 drop ain't bad, since the deck will most likely give you another one), these guys should always stay in your hand until you see a clear opportunity to play them unhindered. 

  • Priest of Titania/Wirewood Channeler: Be aware that these guys can blow up out of control when you sneak in an Ambush Commander.  These guys depend on a mass field, so remember that all the elves you play becomes fuel for these guys. NOTE: Priest & Channeler counts your opponents' Elves.

  • Ambush Commander: The moment you turn your forests into green elves you can exploit Priest of Titania, Benefactor's Draught, Great Oak Guardian, Cradle effects and Regal Force. Sometimes you couldn't get a big mana dork or a big enough army to exploit for mana, but no worries your lands become your secret army. This card has never backfired on me (as many people seem to assume; I guess they forget that Yeva gives him flash), then again I usually win when I play it, so that should be your objective. Don't play Ambush Commander if you're not about to pop off. Never play it in the target range of a boardwipe. That's a surefire way to lose. Last but not least, with Yisan, the Wanderer Bard you can:

  • Verse 5: Ambush Commander
  • Untap Yisan using Symbiote/Quirion Ranger/Benefactor's
  • Verse 6: GoG
  • Untap everything
  • Verse 7: Draw for all Creatures and Forests with Regal Force

  • Arbor Elf: If bring you out Elvish Guidance you got your self a big mana-producing dork.

  • Voyaging Satyr: This guy is super sneaky since you can sneak in a Cradle on the turn you think you can pop off or sneak it in with Crop. Otherwise, this guy is just a Small Dork that flies under the radar.  

  • Karametra's Acolyte: She builds up devotion really fast,  and doesn't require a specific type of cards, just mana symbols.

  • Elvish Guidance: This is basically another big mana dork, especially if we get a land untapper or we turn the forest it's attached to into a creature(I recommend you only enchant forests).

  • Growing Rites of Itlimoc  : It nets us card advantage and it it's easily transformed by Yeva's ability to sneak in her army before your turn.

I tried to fit in the most essential tutors from the budgetless in the deck. From extensive testing, I have found that Temur Sabertooth is one of the most sought-after cards to tutor for, so always be aware of that when using a tutor that COULD tutor for the cat for something else, since every other creature card in the deck is objectively easier to tutor for, or it has an equivalent. 

These cards enable all the value cards you put out, in fact, if you play enough bodies, you don't even need one of the big mana dorks to win.

  • Return of the Wildspeaker: Its baseline is draw 4 for 5 mana at instant speed. After that we have Regal Force, Great Oak Guardian, Woodland Bellower, Kogla, the Titan Ape, and Ashaya, Soul of the Wild to look forward to.

  • Heartwood Storyteller: When this card is out, you have the possibility of storming off at any second, so it's wisest to wait till the absolute last second. Allows you to win against Isochron Scepter/Dramatic Reversal decks by drawing out per each sceptor proc OR giving your opponents' the gas they need to stop the win. This card is all about timing, so always make sure your pop off is at the very last second when your opponents have drawn out and exhausted their efforts in thwarting another person. This is out version of a Timetwister/Windfall/Wheel of Fortune OR Rhystic Study/Mystic Remora.

  • Beast Whisperer: It's a Glimpse of Nature  on an elf stick. Outlet to win, and it turns everything we play into cantrips.

  • Regal Force: Usually what we go for once we have an engine but no steam or to look for the engine itself.

  • Oakhame Adversary: 2 drop Elf most of the time that helps us draw, something we're very desperate for. Can also be used to block some threats at instant speed.

  • Elvish Visionary: Infinite drawer once you have infinite bounces. Visionary is an elf, so it goes with everything else that makes use of that. Otherwise, it's the deck's Think Twice.

  • Runic Armasaur: This dino has been a godsend, I've drawn so many cards thanks to this guy. He draws to fetch lands and a ridiculous amount of creatures.

  • Generous Patron: Instant Speed Divination with a body, that can also become a dork. Oh yeah, it's also an Elf. If you lose to a +1/+1 counter, you messed up, bro. Can be played Sorc speed in the early game.

  • Duskwatch Recruiter  : With infinite mana, it wins the game, otherwise it sits there either strategically lowering the cmc of our cards, or helping us refill our hands with options.

These are the pieces that help you pop off. These guys enable your ability to win, if Cloudstone Curio and Temur Sabertooth are gone (exiled) from the deck, you might as well scoop. Otherwise, once you hit infinite with an outlet, there's nothing you can't play out of the deck or graveyard at instant speed. If that is a common accurance, consider runningRiftsweeper

  • Touch of Vitae: Instand speed haste enabler that gives you an untap AAAAND a draw on your turn. It's also a way of closing the game out with Shaman of Forgotten Ways.

  • Quirion Ranger: Untap that infinite mana dork to have more mana or untap that Yisan, the Wanderer Bard to get a double verse. It's also an elf and it costs 1 mana. Or go infinite with Ashaya

  • Scryb Ranger: 2 mana faerie version of the above, with flash and flying.

  • Hyrax Tower Scout: ETB untap that can go infinite with Temur Sabertooth or Kogla, the Titan Ape.

  • Wirewood Symbiote: Same as the Ranger, however, you can strategically save key elves from spot removal. You can also go infinite with Temur Sabertooth if you have enough mana to bounce Symbiote to reset his once a turn clause. 

  • Great Oak Guardian: Mass untap and helps you storm off. Remember it has reach if that's something you need and it also has flash to go infinite without Yeva on the field. 

  • Benefactor's Draught:  If you have an army of dorks that just tapped out, saving that last two mana to reset and draw is most likely all you needed to steal a win. You can also set up infinite mana with Temur Sabertooth and E-Wit.

  • Vitalize: Everything Benefactor does minus the draw and the untapping of your opponents' creatures.

  • Seedborn Muse: The very reason I made this deck. My love for Prophet of Kruphix spawned this bastard of a deck. When the deck first started out Seedborn was a linchpin of sorts, but the deck sort of outgrew its dependency on Seedborn, but it's too strong of an effect to remove, so in it stays. Oh and rest assured, if Seedborn doesn't eat a spot removal after being summoned, you will most likely close the game out before the last guy can ever get to do something. Also perfect for baiting out counters or spot removal.

  • Temur Sabertooth: This is, unfortunately, the lynchpin in the deck, with this card you break SO many ETB effects I'm not going to even bother listing them at this point. This is your main win con since you can tutor for it, once you establish how you plan on making a TON of mana, you tutor the cat and abuse an untap effect.  
  • Ashaya, Soul of the Wild: Saves us from nonland hate at instant speed, gives us more mana with a built in Cryptolith Rite. Utility aside, by turning our Rangers (Quirion Ranger/Scryb Ranger) into Forests, they can bounce themselves for the untap cost going infinite with any mana dork that produces 2/3 mana. Now, my favorite part: Destiny Spinner effectively gives haste to any creature with Ashaya out.

  • Kogla, the Titan Ape: Removal piece that also functions as another Temur Sabertooth with the exception that it can only loop reasonably Hyrax Tower Scout or Eternal Witness, however, unlike the cat Fierce Empath can tutor it.

How to get your important pieces back. Please note that Finale of Devastation is your third recursion spell. These are not to be used lightly. Once they're gone, you have no way of reseting the grave and or winning if an integral piece is gone for good.

This is your hefty arsenal of hate pieces meant to slow the game down, secure your combos, or thwart opponents from winning.

  • Collector Ouphe: With the loss of all the fast mana in the budgetless, there's only two cards this counters in the deck which can still be leveraged. Respond to problematic artifacts at instant speed with a Null Rod.

  • Prowling Serpopard:  the funniest thing you can do to a blue player and at instant speed. Ex: Cast Regal Force to draw a buttload of cards, Blue player: Counterspell, Resp(w/Yeva out): cast Prowling Serpopard. Yeah, you can "Counter" counterspells with Serpopard, so I always keep it in my hand to secure a win. Or tutor him at instant speed and spring him out if I am going for a win. Always keep this guy in mind when going for a kill, he can make it so it's inevitable. NOTE: The counter does NOT fizzle, it just can't counter its target, however, if it has additional effects like Cryptic Command/Rewind, they do resolve. 

  • Reclamation Sage: Only play this when you need to stop something, otherwise avoid putting a target on your back by attracting unnecessary hate. Once you use it, enjoy him as a dork/elf/sac.

  • Manglehorn: More control for a deck that plays reactively is wise and the ability to top fast mana is quite key in stopping some steamrolls.

  • Somberwald Stag: Kills a lot of important threats and serves as a finisher for the deck when we pop off.

  • Caustic Caterpillar: Instant speed one-drop that gets rid of Torpor Orb.

  • Autumn's Veil: Keep your combo from being targetted (from black and blue) or countered.

  • Root Maze: This has proven to be super useful against the amount of fast mana there is in my meta. I always wanted it, but during the deck's inception my pod was still growing. Now it's borderline full-on competitive, so this little stax piece has proven to be devastating.

  • Nature's Claim: 1 drop removal, gets rid Cursed Totem, Torpor Orb, or Staff of Domination.

  • Beast Within: Same thing as Nature's Claim, other than being able to kill anything for 2 more mana.

  • Lignify/Kenrith's Transformation/Band Together: We're green and our cost-effective options to deal with creatures are rather scarce, so I put these in to be able to deal with problematic creatures.

For the first 3-5 turns you should be ramping along with any of the cards that yield you card advantage. Only play one of your big mana dorks if you have back-up one in your hand. Otherwise, just wait until the end of the turn of the player to your right to sneak one of them in with Yeva. If the big mana dork sticks and no longer has summoning sickness, you have effectively left the Early game and are now in the mid/late game. 

  • Always try to keep our hand stocked.
  • We only race to get out of the early game, otherwise, we like to play reactively.
  • We want to ramp up to about 7/8 mana, which is the sweet spot.
  • Never waste your removal on anything, unless it's for something game-breaking that adversely affects you.
  • Hold mana rocks until that moment you want to push out of the early game. Only play them in the early turns if you actually have something to accelerate to.

We hit late game once we have a creature(s) that produces about 7-10+ mana not counting the untap shenanigans you might have in your hand. While sitting on this mana engine your field should look relatively non-threatening with the exception of whatever is netting you the most mana. Which in most cases looks like nothing since your field usually looks like an assortment of non-impactful creatures that did their part already (Patron, Visionary, etc.) just waiting to be repurposed by cards like Chord of Calling or Itlimoc, Cradle of the Sun.

Once you have that set up, you should look to respond to something that can threaten your board or something that could thwart your plan.  Never shoot for the win until your hand is forced, remember to leave out enough mana outside of the combo for interactivity. Try to win on end steps or the moment they target a key piece of the engine. Once you hit a certain mana threshold, the game will feel as though you entered god-mode.

How to Win:

We need to assemble infinite mana, or enough to do anything the deck could possibly want to do to safely assemble infinite mana. The most common and effective way is by using Temur Sabertooth to bounce cards that allow us to repeatedly untap our mana-producing creature(s) (GoG/Symbiote). Once infinite mana has been assembled we win via kill loops, more often than not, they include fighting all creatures with Ulvenwald Tracker using infinite untaps.

Ashaya + Quirion/Scryb + Mana dork tapping for 2/3 mana:

  1. Tap creature for 2/3 mana
  2. Play Quirion/Scryb for 1/2
  3. Bounce Quirion/Scryb to pay for itself to untap mana dork
  4. Repeat from Step 1

This nets us 1 mana every time for infinite. Ashaya making Quirion a forest allows you to bounce itself to reset the "Activate this ability only once each turn". Note: Shaman of Forgotten Ways can be an infinite mana dork with the Ranger since you can filter the creature-restricted mana into regular mana since Ashaya makes Shaman a Forest as well.

Cat/Kogla + Hyrax Tower Scout + Mana dork tapping for 6:

  1. Tap mana dork for 6 mana
  2. Play Hyrax Tower Scout for 3; untap dork
  3. Pay 2  to bounce Hyrax Tower Scout with Cat or Kogla; 1 mana left in pool
  4. Repeat from Step 1

This nets us 1 mana every time for infinite.

Cat + GoG + Creature(s) tapping for 9:

  1. Tap creature(s) for 9 mana
  2. Play GoG for 6; untap all
  3. Pay 2  to bounce GoG with Cat; 1 mana left in pool
  4. Repeat from Step 1

This nets us 1 mana every time for infinite.

Cat + Symbiote + 1-Drop Elf + one dork tapping for 5 mana:

  1. Tap a mana dork for 5 mana
  2. Bounce 1-drop Elf with Symbiote untapping the mana dork
  3. Pay 2 to bounce Symbiote with Cat; 3 in pool
  4. Use 2 mana play  Symbiote and the 1-Drop Elf; 1 in pool
  5. Repeat from step one.

This nets us 1 mana every time for infinite mana while circumventing Torpor Orb Bouncing Symbiote, resets the "once a turn" clause.  

NOTE: It doesn't have to be a 1-drop elf to go infinite, it could be 2/3/4/5 CMC, but the mana dork would have to tap for 6/7/8/9 mana accordingly.

Once you have infinite mana you need to find the Kill Loop using the many outlets in the deck:

So, this subsection will include cards mentioned before, however, the purpose of this section is to create a list of cards that can be used to assemble your Kill Loop(win-con) once you've obtained Infinite Mana. It will be divided into two sections, cards that require you to have Temur Sabertooth or Kogla, the Titan Ape for infinite bounces/untaps.

Bounce Outlets

Beast Whisperer/Glademuse: This one requires that you bounce any random creature repeatedly to get draw triggers off of it.

Elvish Visionary/Generous Patron/Regal Force: These all draw you the deck with infinite bounces, try to draw until you reach the most efficient piece of the combo to continue without drawing. Some cards we can't play at instant speed. However, that can easily be fixed if you draw into Crop Rotation and use it for Emergence Zone

Eternal Witness/Skullwinder: This card is one of my favorite infinite bouncers as it can give you infinite tutors or draw (Return of the Wildspeaker) The only tutor it can't loop is Green Sun's Zenith or Eldritch Evolution.

Woodland Bellower: This one can start a number of chains. You can tutor a cantrip elf and bounce it infinitely, or you can get Duskwatch Recruiter   and that's all she wrote, or Eternal Witness for its aforementioned reasoning.

Infinite Mana Outlets

Duskwatch Recruiter  /Nylea, Keen-Eyed: Dig for and cast every creature in the deck.

Mikokoro, Center of the Sea/Geier Reach Sanitarium/Bonders' Enclave+Voyaging Satyr: These require infinite untaps, but that's typically how we got here.

Fight Loops:  

Once you kill all creatures we use Shaman of Forgotten Ways to kill the table. If Shaman of Forgotten Ways or Ulvenwald Tracker need haste we can look for Ashaya, Soul of the Wild and Destiny Spinner to "animate" them and give them haste. There's also Crop Rotation for Emergence Zone to use Finale of Devastation. Luckily, you're also in budget, so you run Touch of Vitae

If we lose access to Shaman because it was exiled we pivot to our mill line:

Cat/Kogla + E-Wit + Reclaim + Crop + Geier Reach/Mikokoro, Center of the Sea (Field, Graveyard, or Deck) = Mill the table

  1. Tap for Geier Reach/Mikokoro, Center of the Sea's effect
  2. Sac it to Crop for any land
  3. Use Reclaim to return Geier Reach/Mikokoro, Center of the Sea to top
  4. Use Cat + E-Wit loops to get back Reclaim and Crop
  5. Crop to get Geier Reach/Mikokoro, Center of the Sea
  6. Repeat from Step 1

We can use Reclaim or Green Sun's Zenith infinitely to keep us from milling ourselves out. Also, while we can protect almost every facet of our engine at instant speed, be aware that while we're milling our opponents, they might run into some interaction, so be aware of the ones that might have mana open. Very few things can stop us at this point.

Last but not least, Voyaging Satyr with infinite untaps and Geier Reach achieve the same thing. Without needing the Crop Rotation except to tutor the Geier Reach if you don't have it out. This still require Eternal Witness and Temur Sabertooth loops to keep getting back Reclaim. Each draw trigger can be responded to, so you can effectively mill the table while weaving in Reclaim at instant speed to prevent decking out but at the same time nullifying graveyard triggers from cards like Kozilek, Butcher of Truth or Gaea's Blessing.

ALL OF THESE LOOPS HAPPEN AT INSTANT SPEED, THANKS TO YEVA. For everything else, you have Emergence Zone


Updates Add

  • Scryb Ranger: This card has been hovering around since the deck's creation and now Ashaya makes him essential. On top of all the general applications, Ashaya, Soul of the Wild making it a forest allows us to bounce it for its untap cost giving us an infinite 2 mana untapper at instant speed. That means that any dork that produces 3 mana or more go infinite. For this we're removing Malachite Talisman, gets hit by Collector Ouphe, doesn't do anything for our storm turn, and we can't tutor it.

  • Skullwinder: Time to get ostracized by the all-knowing cEDH community, but this is going to replace Cloudstone. Artifact we can't cast at instant speed and we're losing Genesis Hydra. Now, I've fought tooth-and-nail to prove that Heartwood Storyteller is phenomenal. It still is, in fact, it is so good that it made me realize that we ACTUALLY like giving our opponents cards. It seems to lull them into a false sense of security, it also allows us to give them counters to stuff we can't deal with. Our instant speed lines all require Shaman of Forgotten Ways and Eternal Witness, so this gives us just another contingency and a piece of "interaction".

  • Ashaya, Soul of the Wild: Ashaya lets us survive nonland hate at instant speed (Cyclonic Rift, Abrupt Decay, etc.). The creatures we've had out become mana dorks since Ashaya is just an instant speed Cryptolith Rite which can open the door to some Great Oak Guardian lines. It also gives our Rangers (Quirion Ranger/Scryb Ranger) the ability to bounce themselves for the untap effect, effectively resetting their "activate this ability only once each turn". Now for my favorite part, since Ashaya turns all of our creatures into lands Destiny Spinner can "animate(lol)" them with Haste and Trample. So we still keep our Shaman of Forgotten Ways lines, except now can even be an infinite mana dork with Quirion Ranger and Ashaya, Soul of the Wild. Band Together goes out for this, since we are adding Kogla, the Titan Ape.

  • Hyrax Tower Scout: Removing Vivien's Arkbow, it gets hit by Collector Ouphe and doesn't storm for us. At 3 mana we get a tutorable untap to keep the storm going, something we couldn't do when we'd draw Arkbow.

  • Kogla, the Titan Ape: It's sad to say it, but goodbye Genesis Hydra. We typically tried to make X = 4, maybe 6/7 and it was typically to get one of the above-mentioned artifacts. Now we can actually get a 6 drop that is just the biggest multi-faceted value piece we could ever want, it kills creatures, artifacts, and enchantments. And it combos with Hyrax Tower Scout giving us a tutorable contingency plan as opposed to the random nature of artifacts in monogreen.

  • Return of the Wildspeaker: Skullclamp kills the board we want to keep and cost 3 bucks. At its worst, we can get 4 cards at instant speed at its best it can hit a huge Ashaya or Kogla. Also an amazing Eternal Witness/Skullwinder target.

  • Mikokoro, Center of the Sea: This replaces Blighted Woodland. We moved far from the reason we ran it. Without Genesis Hydra we lost our only way to get lands into the graveyard, so we need another mill line. Also another way of killing the Thassa's Oracle player or giving our opponents' that counter they put on top of their library.

  • Nylea, Keen-Eyed: At 45 creatures, the cost reduction feels very nice. This also provides us with another outlet. Marwyn, the Nurturer comes out, being the dork that requires the most work. Also another nice body for Return of the Wildspeaker.

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