"In life, Wilhelt the Breathtaking was an average lumberjack, known for his above-average looks. His looks were matched only by his vanity, and he declared he would only pledge himself to a suitor as impressive as he. No one reached this standard until he first laid eyes on the ghoulcaller Gisa Cecani.

Wilhelt was smitten. He pledged his heart to her on the spot, which she promptly broke by yawning and walking away. Shocked by his first-ever rejection, a distracted Wilhelt met his end in an unfortunate tree-chopping accident. When the moon rose that evening, Wilhelt rose with it — reanimated as a ghoul by the strength of his desire.

Increasingly single-minded in death, Wilhelt sought out Gisa to earn her affection. He found her in the ruins of Thraben, where she ignored him in favor of her new undead army. If Gisa desired an army, Wilhelt thought, he would give her one! He terrorized the townships of Innistrad, raising an undead army in his wake to be his future wedding present. Surely, causing enough carnage would impress Gisa. Meanwhile, Gisa believed that his name was Wilham (or Wilbur) and that he was kind of clingy."

Actual mtg lore.


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