The only equipment missing is the sword of Greyskull, which I would add in a heartbeat.

This deck started off as kind of a meme and slowly I’ve separated the wheat from the chaff and turned this solitary troll into a God.

Not really much to say here, the ramp package is the best you can get being in green. I usually don’t go above 3CMC but Skyshroud Claim makes an appearance. Crop Rotation can be used to fetch the plethora of utility lands in the deck but will usually search up Ancient Tomb. I’ve recently added more one mana ramp pieces Wild Growth, Utopia Sprawl and Carpet of Flowers.

Where the deck struggles is draw. I’ve tried to include everything green has to offer. Sylvan Library being the best with cards like Rishkar's Expertise, Soul's Majesty, Return of the Wildspeaker and Hunter's Insight being able to nab massive amounts of draw in the right situation. Keen Sense, Sixth Sense and Snake Umbra also help as Thrun is almost always turning sideways.

In terms of auras and equipment, the best of the bunch is Hammer of Nazahn. The free equip is sweet. With Thrun’s regeneration ability, an attack with Worldslayer can pretty much be gg.

Ramping to high heaven also benefits equipment like Blackblade Reforged and Strata Scythe. It also makes it easier to cast things on the higher end of the curve like Kaldra Compleat and Eldrazi Conscription.

A few cheeky little inclusions are Lull which can neutralize an attack and can also be cycled if it isn’t being used. Berserk is extremely versatile and can either push Thrun over the edge or remove a threat.

Once last thing… The card Darksteel Axe should be O-Naginata but it doesn’t exist on the website.


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