Killian gives an awesome discount on auras and removal spells, which are my favorite types of spells! A 2 drop makes for a crazy fast start, which could give this commander an edge over other voltron generals.

I have doubts about being able to get wins through commander damage alone, though it is theoretically possible. My plan is to divide my opponent’s attention between multiple enchanted creatures, rather than just throwing every aura on Killian.

Regarding win-cons, I plan on surprising my opponents with infect creatures and auras. This deck is running several tutors, with the goal of finding Phyresis , Eldrazi Conscription , and Sigarda's Aid as early as possible. If I can drop auras at instant speed I should be able to plan my attacks more strategically. I’ve also included Inkmoth Nexus and Plague Stinger to help get the infect ball rolling.

Update: I’ve play-tested this build twice now, but both games were only against 2 opponents. I won the second game through commander damage, but I still need a greater sample size of games before I can determine the most effective strategy. Both games I had very consistent removal capabilities, which I think is a very important facet of the Killian game-plan. I still plan on adding more infect spells and maybe even more tutors.

Stay tuned for future updates, and a primer once I get more games under my belt. In the meantime, suggestions are most welcome!


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