sentence your opponent's permanents too prison and turn your prisons into creatures. theres a whole lot of enchantment synergy and many ways to make it very difficult for your opponents to oppose you, also for being a mono white deck it will draw you a new hand each turn surprisingly well.

if i have a tutor ill most likley tutor for Pariah or Pariah's Shield, if i need mass creature removal Out of Time and if i had enough enchantments to win the game Starfield of Nyx or Opalescence. If i had one of these two Phyrexian Unlife, Nine Lives i would get Solemnity.

a lot of these cards are criminally under rated and should see more play like Endless Horizons, Out of Time, Grasp of Fate, Spark Rupture. explore scryfall more and avoid any sites like edhrec or any pre-built decks for help, youll genuienley build better decks then you would if you just downloaded one of some site.


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