What do you do when you're supposed to stay at home due to the coronavirus measures? Exactly! You're going to build new decks!

I figured Brago, King Eternal could be fun. I've been trading for three months to gather all the pieces in the decklist. I've been cutting and replacing allmost the entire deck without even testing it, as we weren't allowed to meet friends in the 'lockdown'.

The idea is simple: Attack with Brago, blink some permanents and get several benefits.

Tips and ideas are welcome. Good to know: I've got a Strionic Resonator in my maybeboard (among about 75 other cards). I'm not a big fan of infinite combos but if winning will turn out to be extremly hard with this deck I'll add it.

End the game plans:

And last but not least: A major shout out to the ultime Brago bible: Brago, King Eternal - Complete Guide


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