I was inspired to build this in part by watching Snowdrop, which was a very strange but ultimately very enjoyable show. Locking down opponent's creatures = taking hostages, the wipes/removal are solving one's problems via coffee/trip bombs/placed high explosives. This deck is a bit experimental in that it runs a mix of catchup ramp and ways to shrink my land count together, as well as a relatively low land count. These cards usually come in tapped, so they slow the deck down, but it's awesome to turn on your Cartographer's Hawk type stuff. With the land count reducers, this deck might be somewhat viable vs metas that aren't ramping lands but still run a decent number of lands. My own land count might be too low, and I intend to fiddle with it a fair bit more.

The deck has some pump effects in it that are designed to work around my lockdown and wipes, to make them asymmetrical, and thus far more powerful. The magic number is 3, but with Vigilance I can get around this limitation, so I do have a few cards that can be locked down by my own effects. This is primarily a Voltron deck, I can make A+C hard/impossible to block, and run plenty of things to pump them, combined with fun stuff like Double Strike and the almost perfectly designed Inquisitor's Flail, which is very good with First Strike and Vigilance.

If I think it's necessary, this deck has a 2 card combo in Brash Taunter + Guilty Conscience , with Brash Taunter + Pariah also being in the deck and also being very good to set up. The deck can win via Voltron, which it prefers to, but if someone else is running a better combo than you expected you can just do either of those. The deck has a very hard time protecting it's enchantments though, so hopefully you can damage Taunter that turn with Conscience to win on the spot. I'm strongly considering tossing in some cards that can fetch out Brash Taunter, I've already got ways to find enchantments, I also might look at Enlightened Tutor, this deck really wants the option of finding an Artifact.

The deck tries to set up a situation where I can repeatedly cast an Aura on A+C, letting me draw cards potentially as well as buffing my team, and I run a small selection of budget tutoring cards to dig these auras out. This deck is generally on the faster side when it comes to eliminating it's first threat (if it's actually working right), but you can expect to need some Stax effects to gain advantage if the game goes longer.


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I pulled Goblin Bombardment (I don't make enough tokens so it was only there to hassle theft effects), Shielded by Faith (I'm tired of it falling off when I need Pro-White), and Valiant Endeavor (I liked the Vorthos, but it's also a terrible card sometimes, it's not even consistently one-sided in practice, especially when I roll bad it's like an over costed Wrath, who cares about a 2/2? Anyways, I threw in the very good Enlightened Tutor, which can find Stax elements or an Aura, whichever is better, an Aerial Extortionist to offer me some card draw, and good old Hebrew Glory, which offers me more useful protection than Shielded by Faith, which usually means I can repeated get trampled over.

I'm on the lookout for more card draw effects, but I'm not sure if I can count on having 2 or 3 creatures attacking at once, which is now a thing in White. I guess more testing will show if I can count on having more than 1 creature actually swinging.


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