Tools of the Trade (9)

No Man's Land (34)

Legatos' Cruelty (3)

Persecution of Vash (3)

Knives sabotages Project SEEDS (2)

Brilliant Dynamites Neon (1)

Meryl (1)

Project SEEDS (1)

Repairing Power Plants (1)

Vash destroys July (1)

Vashs' love for doughnuts (1)

Commanders (2)

Vehicles (3)

Power Plants (2)

Kuroneko-Sama (1)

Millie (1)

Rebuilding Civilization (1)

Tesla (1)

I love Trigun. It is one of my favorite animes of all time and I've wanted to make a deck to commemorate how much I love it. I spent a long time looking through the compendium of MTG to try and capture the essence and vibe of Trigun. I'm quite proud of how it turned out and I hope you enjoy.

Across No Man's Land, the difference between life and death is by the company you keep. Depending on who who choose to trust, you are able not only survive, but thrive amongst the rest of liars, killers, and thieves.

Vash = Ravos, Soultender: Originally created as a plant to power human civilization, Vash realizes there is more to life and wishes to live among them. But not all see him as a beacon of hope. There are those who see him as a monster, chastising him for what he is. But due to Rem Saverem, his guardian and protector, he doesn't hold it against them. He is still able to see the good in others and protect them at all cost.

Meryl = Loran of the Third Path: Hired by the Bernadelli Insurance Society, Meryl travels from town to town in search of the legendary gunman Vash the Stampede, who was responsible for the destruction of July. With her protector Millie, they travel alongside Vash in order to insure the towns in case of any damages. She is a kind and caring soul, who doesn't see Vash as a monster, but as a friend and all around good person. She can hold her own in a scuffle, but tries to see the path of least resistance.

Millie = Myrel, Shield of Argive: Although a bit naive at first glance, she is a strong woman who has a gentle heart. She carries a very heavy concussion gun, which is commonly referred to a stun-gun, incapacitating anyone who chooses to cause harm. With her work partner Meryl, they travel across No Man's Land to insure towns affected by the destruction of Vash the Stampede.

Nicholas D. Wolfwood = Mikaeus, the Lunarch: Raised in an orphanage, Nicholas D. Wolfwood was trained as an assassin from a very young age to take down people in power. He later joined the Gun-Ho-Guns, then hired to protect Vash on his journeys in order to bring him to Knives. He soon becomes attached when he sees Vash as a font of hope he once lost. Now he is on a quest to avenge those who needlessly passed along the way.

Tesla = Liesa, Forgotten Archangel: Tesla was one of the original independent plants, only to become a test subject for human experiments. The constant abuse of experiments caused trauma and tumors began to form all throughout her body, preventing her ability to regenerate. She later died, then was dismembered in order to continue these horrible experiments. Vash and Knives had visions of Tesla, bringing them to the place where she was held.

Rem Saverem = Rebbec, Architect of Ascension: Rem Saverem was a leader of Project SEEDS, a human preservation test that was later sabatoged, only to survive by actions of Rem. She also helped cultivate plants in order to regrow a planet that is devoid of resources. She acts as a parent figure to Vash and Knives, teaching them about human civilization in order to help them understand why they do what they do. Vash took a liking to Rem, but Knives' jealousy sought him to take her down, along with all the other humans aboard the ship. Her words about love and peace radiated with Vash as he hopes to protect others.

Kuroneko-sama = Falthis, Shadowcat Familiar: Kuroneko-sama is a small black cat appearing in every episode of the original series as a running joke in the works of Yosuhiro Nighthow. They are often depicted as some sort of God due their inate ability to just appear when they are least expected and sometimes people believe Vash is a cat.

Knives = Keskit, the Flesh Sculptor: Brother to Vash and a gifted plant. He is naturally brilliant, but after witnessing the abuse of a fellow crew member aboard Project SEEDS, he sabotages the ship to crash into the planet below. As time progresses, his harsh nihilism grew at alarming rate, leading to the destruction of the city July. He forced Vash into releasing an overwhelming power by cutting off his arm and activates his Angel Arm, wiping out the city. This leads Vash into a spiral of vengeance and regret.

Legato Bluesummers = Gix, Yawgmoth Praetor: Legato is a devout follower to Knives and is sworn to make his life as hard as possible. So much so that he cut off his own arm, only to be replaced with Vash's, which has the ability to control the minds and bodies of other people. He plays sick mind games with Vash, sending people into the line of fire or having them kill others. This leads into Legato forcing Vash to kill him in order save Meryl and Millie.

Monev the Gale = Armix, Filigree Thrasher: Sentenced to prison after a life of crime following the destruction of July, Monev the Gale became a member of the Gun-Ho-Guns in order to take down Vash the Stampede. He wears a powered battle suit, turning him into an absolute force. The guns on his arms fire extremely fast due to the high pressure chambers on his back, enough to blow through entire buildings. He supports a rather sadistic personality, not caring about anyone who stands in the way of his goal.

E.G. Mine = The Peregrine Dynamo: He wears a power suit resembling a sphere and shoots various spikes from its surface. After Monev's defeat, he displays his dead body in order to intimidate Vash. This doesn't quite work however, because he is quickly defeated shortly after Vash shoots off his battle suit.

Dominique the Cyclops = Thalia, Heretic Cathar: She wears an eyepatch, concealing an ability known as the Demon Eye. When the eye is revealed, it causes hypnosis and sensory paralysis in her foes, momentarily stunning them and making her movements appear immediate. Although confident, she becomes discouraged due to Vashs' ability to withstand her Demon Eye by him focusing on pain from a previous injury.

Leonof the Puppet Master = Chainer, Dementia Master: Leonof is a puppeteer who works with life-size puppets. He is a cruel man; he shows disregard for life and takes delight in Vash's suffering. He views his art with high reverence to the point of obsession, calling his finished puppets "god-like". He can manipulate them to appear as real people, and uses them to do horrible things to people close to Vash the Stampede.

Chapel the Evergreen = Yawgmoth, Thran Physician: Evergreen is a dogmatic and didactic person. Although he was forced to kill his former protege Wolfwood, he was deeply scarred by doing it going as far as to confront Knives. It's also mentioned by him that he hates being indebted to someone. He carries the parent version of Cross Punisher, though Chapel's splits into twin machine guns. He cares for Nicholas after Nicholas kills his abusive guardian.

Hoppered the Gauntlet = Vogar, Necropolis Tyrant: Prior to his joining the Gung-Ho-Guns, Hoppered was a cripple living in July, taking care of a mute and blind woman. The woman was killed in the destruction of July, leading Hoppered to seek revenge on Vash the Stampede, intending to go so far as to attempt to betray Knives' and Legato's orders that Vash the Stampede be tormented but not killed. Hoppered is capable of launching himself with great speed, allowing him to transform into a living projectile and plow virtually anything in his path. He also has a spiked hammer which he uses to move which doubles as a pistol, with which he has demonstrated remarkable skill and accuracy.

Midvalley the Hornfreak = Fain, the Broker: Midvalley is a musician with an impressive skill in playing his saxophone, Sylvia, with which he is able to synchronize sound waves with pain receptors in the human body, causing immense physical damage and even killing. He is also able to neutralize sounds by playing counter frequencies, creating absolute silence.

Gray the Ninelives = Karn, Legacy Reforged: Gray the Ninelives is the powerhouse of the Gung Ho Guns. He possesses immense strength and his armor is considerably resilient, being made of a combination of metal and flesh. Despite his size, Gray also proved to be quite agile. Gray has two guns, a pair of hand cannons that fire explosive cannonballs. What makes Gray the Ninelives so dangerous, however, is that it actually has nine lives because it's actually a robotic suit run by nine dwarf drivers. These drivers are well protected inside Gray's body and are distributed throughout the suit, in fact even the parts detached from the body can move on their own.

Rai-Dei the Blade = Toshiro Umezawa: Rai-Dei has learned what he calls the strongest and most lost sword style known as Jigenzan Ittou, a samurai style that includes evading your opponent and crushing him afterwards. He also has some weapons that help him in his mission to make Vash suffer, including a special samurai sword that allows him to create vibrant waves that can even go through walls and roller skates that give him incredible speed and mobility, to the point of being able to evade many of Vash's blows. Rai-Dei is undoubtedly one of the fastest members of Gung Ho Guns.

Livio the Double Fang = Jerren, Corrupted Bishop  : Livio of the Double Fang is a childhood friend of Nicholas D. Wolfwood, a disciple of Chapel and a member of the Gung-Ho-Guns from the Eye of Michael. Livio has what is assumed is Dissociative Identity Disorder and has an alter known as Razlo the Tri-Punisher of Death, who is treated as a separate member of the Gung-Ho Guns. As a member of Eye of Michael, Livio has increased muscle strength, enhanced senses and stronger bones, allowing him to perform feats of great strength and agility.

Razlo the Tri-Punisher Of Death = Ormendahl, the Corrupter  : Razlo the Tri-Punisher Of Death is Livio the Double Fang's alter, treated as another member of the Gung-Ho-Guns from the Eye of Michael. Razlo was created to take all of the abuse given by Livio's parents, allowing Livio to not be aware of the abuse. If Livio is considered the host of his system, Razlo seems to be his persecutor/protector alter; he commits poor, harmful actions as a way to protect the system itself. Razlo often appears after Livio has suffered intense pain or trauma, and most of the time commits violent acts against the people who hurt him and Livio when he is in control. Razlo led Livio to join the Eye of Michael, promising that the organization could give them a purpose in life.

Zazie the Beast = Skrelv, Defector Mite Zazi lived on the planet Gunsmoke even before the nailed people, he was the leader of the legion of insects inhabiting the entire planet. Zazie the Beast is actually a legion of insects that were the original inhabitants of planet Gunsmoke. The first other being they ever saw was Knives, who interested them greatly. It is unknown how they became members of the Gung Ho Guns, but from what they said through their hosts, they at first had hoped to live harmoniously with humans and plants, but they eventually decided they'd be more inclined to living with plants likes Knives.

Elendira the Crimsonnail = Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni: Elendira the Crimsonnail is referred to as the lost thirteenth in the manga. She is considered the strongest of the Gung-ho-Guns. Elendira shoots giant red nails from a large briefcase that transforms into a crossbow, with preternatural force and speed. She is also capable of projecting her killing intent to seemingly create illusions of destruction in her prey and break their will. As the strongest Gun, Elendira is the only one who can stand up to Legato Bluesummers, but she also regards Legato with a great deal of jealousy, noting that the fact that Legato alone of the followers of Knives is not assigned a number as a part of the Gung-ho Guns suggests that Legato is more important to Millions Knives.

Father Nebraska = Cabal Patriarch: Father Nebraska is a loud, cruel, and heartless individual. However, he's shown to care deeply for his family especially his son Gofsef. He and his son broke out of prison, where they were supposed to be serving a one-hundred-year sentence (seven hundred in the manga), and were hired by the city council of Voldoor to apprehend Vash. He rides in Junior’s breast pocket.

Patricia Nebraska = Blight Titan: Patricia is a huge woman where Gosef gets his "striking good looks", and anyone can wonder what she saw in her husband. She and her children were hired by Morgan to dispatch an old couple in possession of a rather valuable patch of land, a Geo Plant (a piece of land made fertile by a Plant). Rather than using her cybernetic upgrades, she uses brute strength, throwing her armored sons like shot putts.

Gofsef = Helldozer: He and his father broke out of prison, where they were supposed to be serving a one hundred year sentence, and were hired by the city council of Voldoor to apprehend Vash. He is a giant of a being, with a steam vent in the back of his head for some purpose or another, and a cybernetic right arm that launches his fist with the force of a wrecking ball. He is an unintelligent and puerile man that obediently listens to his father's orders.

Kanta, Tonkichi, & Chinpei = Myr Battlesphere: The three identical brothers that each have armored battle suits with the ability to curl up into a ball. They can be thrown with immense force as cannonballs, dealing massive amounts of damage.

Brilliant Dynamites Neon = Geth, Lord of the Vault: While he is a thug, he is also an excellent tactician, charismatic leader, and a man of honor. He has a strong fascination for all things glowing and flashing, which extends into a very showman-like personality. He holds skill and dedication in high regard, respecting Kaite for the effectiveness with which he disarmed the sand steamer Flourish, one of the helmsmen of the Flourish for his willingness to sacrifice himself for the ship, and Vash for his skill.

Throughout this cruel world, you need to be prepared. Whether it's on the offensive or defensive, you need to arm yourself with the right weapons to prepare for an onslaught.

Vash's glasses = Sunglasses of Urza

Vash's earring = Sol Ring

Vash's coat = Assault Suit

Vash's left arm = Hand of Vecna

Vash's Angel Arm = Lux Cannon

Red Geranium = Gilded Lotus

Nicholas' Punisher = Godsend

Meryls' hidden guns = Hidden Stockpile

Millies' stun-gun = Hammer of Nazahn


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