(8/18/2022) Any help on this deck is much appreciated! I do have a few more cards on their way to replace some in here, so I'll update this next week when I get them. So far I have not won a single game with it... I keep ending up short on mana, and not drawing any of my ramp...

(8/25/2022) Ok, so, I went to my first commander night at a local game store this week, and I ran this angel deck pre-updates (which I will list in as moment). My first game went heavily in my favor with life gain and creating angel tokens, and I won. The second game did not go in my favor as I did not have enough mana to do very much most of the game... It was still a blast, and some folks gave me some pointers on updating this deck. Some pointers included combos for infinite mana, life gain, mill, and angel tokens. I am slowly going to try acquiring the cards to run these combos, but it will take some time as a few are up there in price. Now, the updates that I have done with cards that I have readily available (the cards I ordered last week are not here as they decided to go on a cross country road trip via USPS...) is as follows:

Cards removed: Everflowing Chalice, Angel's Grace, Marble Diamond, Treasure Chest, Angel of Grace, and Mass Calcify

Cards added: Youthful Valkyrie, Divine Visitation, Requiem Angel, Adarkar Valkyrie, Twilight Shepherd, and Angelic Arbiter

The following are still in the mail... thanks to the reliability of USPS: Bishop of Wings, Emeria, The Sky Ruin, Thespian's Stage, and Vesuva


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