Blinding Light

Blinding Light


Tap all nonwhite creatures.

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Blinding Light Discussion

libraryjoy on Black and White - please help!

1 month ago

I would heartily NOT recommend Armageddon . You can check out the thread in the Forum on MLD (mass land destruction) from this week. It is NOT generally considered polite in casual circles, and generally frowned upon overall. Social Contract and LD Discussion

As to the Planeswalker question, looking at the options, I would front the extra money and buy Sorin Markov , as he fits well here. The others don't seem like they would add a lot of value. Overall, though, I usually don't run Planeswalkers. I have a few here and there that I like in certain decks, but overall, I find they aren't really worth it to me. They just put a target on my head, and unless they significantly advance my strategy, they're not worth the slot. Now I have a deck that does some Druid tribal, and Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury is awesome. I love Nissa Revane in an elf tribal deck. I like Teyo, the Shieldmage because he's a cheap option for personal hexproof, which can be very annoying. But overall, a Planeswalker is optional unless it really helps you.

Sunblast Angel and Blinding Light is a fun combo, but you need to be running multiple copies of each, and possibly some blink, to actually make it work. I had a deck that abused that, running Astral Slide , Rune of Protection: White et al, Auramancer , Momentary Blink , Cloudshift , Sunblast Angel , Subjugator Angel , Blinding Light , and Resolute Archangel . Yes, I am awful. It eventually became Hoofprints through the Galaxy, but that didn't last long, as all my friends hated playing against it. Basically, I just stopped them from attacking me by preventing damage from their sources until I could start dropping my big angels and swing for the kill. Still trying to come up with a deck for Hoofprints of the Stag that doesn't piss everyone off. Also, Sunblast Angel won't work if you're running Hushwing Gryff , FYI.

benbeldner on Black and White - please help!

1 month ago

libraryjoy i got a lot of the suggestions that you made and I am already enjoying the new deck! I was wondering if you could also take a look at my sideboard. These are other cards that I own. Some of them are a little extreme, like Armageddon for a mana - ramp deck, but should I put any of these in my main deck? Or leave them in my sideboard depending on the opponent? Another card I am considering is Sunblast Angel . Its ability to destroy all tapped creatures could be used with Blinding Light , but I feel like that would not happen enough to make it worth it.

What are your thoughts on Planeswalkers? Some that I am considering that are on the more affordable side but still good cards are Sorin, Solemn Visitor , Liliana, Waker of the Dead , Ajani Goldmane , and Ajani, Caller of the Pride . I would consider getting two of these because they are only about $4 each. Or should would it be worth it to buy only one PlanesWalker and get Sorin Markov ?

Again, I really appreciate all the help! MTG is a lot more fun when your deck works well!

the_solitaire on Attempting to create a standard …

5 months ago

I just recently built a black and white deck with a very different approach, so comparing that with your deck will not help much, but..

I compared a lot of black and white options while building the deck.

In doing so, I found that one of the main difficulties in configuring a black and white deck is maintaining focus.

The way I see your deck, you have 2 copies of Piper of the Swarm who interacts with rats, but other then the tokens generated by the piper, there are no rats. That way your piper fills in a 2 drop slot, but is in a vacuum.

Same goes for your Bastion of Remembrance and Omen of the Sun. At 6 copies in total, you have sources for white soldier tokens, but no further interaction for those tokens.

8 of 24 lands enter the field tapped.

With Elspeth you are well on your way to a deck that could either:

Go heavy on causing havoc by sacrificing those created human soldier tokens or...

Find cards that interact with your human soldier tokens and rebuild this into a white weenie deck alltogether. Given that you already have Shatter the Sky in there, going for a human soldier token generator with Shatter the Sky and Swords to Plowshares to keep your opponents boardstate miserable, then add some Disenchant and Blinding Light (not sure if that is legal in modern, but there ought to be a valid alternative) to eventually play Avacyn, Angel of Hope

Blackheart426 on All Systems Online - Elesh (Retired)

1 year ago

This looks like one fun deck! For your consideration, you may want to take a look at Phyrexian Rebirth and Martyr's Bond as additional removal. Blinding Light can open up the field for a big swing, and if you have True Conviction on the field, it's really going to hurt. Captain's Claws might be good sideboard card to make more tokens. Keep up the great work!

newtontke on Need Help Taking Out 13 …

3 years ago

I would remove the following cards: 1. Soldier of the Pantheon- It has too small of an effect. 2.Blinding Light- It is Sorcery speed so it can only be used offensively and the effect is too small. 3. Defy Death- This effect is alright but is really situational. It is a victim of having only 100 cards.4. Staff of the Sun Magus- Too small of an effect.5. Scroll of Avacyn- Too small of an effect.6. Marble Diamond- Mediocre card that is just "alright".7. Coldsteel Heart- same as Marble Diamond.8. Reverse Damage- 100% reactive cards are often dead draws.9. Chastise- Same as Reverse Damage.10. Moonlit Wake- To small of an effect.11. Sun Droplet- +1 life a turn is awful. Use this card as a coaster.---The above cards are all bad and are easy cuts.-The last two cuts are hard, but id suggest one card for sure:12. Sensei's Divining Top- with only 1 card draw engine Well of Lost Dreams and no other shuffle effects, the top is not very good at all. Great card in a bad situation. I would cut it.---As for the 13th cut; you will have to playtest and see what feels underwhelming, too often.

libraryjoy on HitHimHard...AndAgainAndAgainAndAgain

4 years ago

It looks like you may be a little short on mana... You also have a lot more white costs than red. I'd suggest Pearl Medallion and maybe up to 35-36 land. You have a fair bit of enchantment/artifact destruction, so I'd drop Aurablast & Wear / Tear as well as Reroute unless you find those cards really useful or need them to stop combo decks. Iona's Judgment seems really high in CMC - maybe Oblivion Ring? Consider Gisela, Blade of Goldnight because it's a great card. Goldnight Commander is nuts with Assemble the Legion, but not as much otherwise. Moonsilver Spear might also come in handy, or Spear of Heliod. I'm not sure how useful you will find Sunblast Angel without Blinding Light or Subjugator Angel. Also not sure about Guardian of the Gateless unless you play a lot of decks that try to kill you with a huge swarm of tokens. Not sure about Angelheart Vial... would Sun Droplet be better? or maybe something like Norn's Annex or Crawlspace to keep them from hitting you in the first place? Also, not too sure about Faithless Looting or Firemane Avenger (I have one, but somehow it never quite makes the cut)... your mileage may vary.

I'd build a little more flexibility into your manabase... it doesn't have to be expensive to work well... Consider adding Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion, Rogue's Passage, Wind-Scarred Crag, Seraph Sanctuary, Terramorphic Expanse, Sejiri Steppe, even Naya Panorama is an option... I'd also lean your basics to favor white more heavily.

Forgive my rambling.. it's late and I need to get to bed. I hope some of these suggestions help you, and let me know if you have any more specific questions or areas you want to work on. I like the use of Myriad with Battalion and Melee in your deck, and I hope you have fun in your casual group.

libraryjoy on Donald Trump's EDH Deck

5 years ago

I dunno about flavor-wise, but Inviolability is great with Wall of Glare and Sunblast Angel is great with Blinding Light or Ivory Giant.

Also - Prison Barricade & Wall of Nets might be good adds.