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Elves are Forests are Dinosaurs. That's it.

Ashaya turns all creatures into Forests > Ambush Commander turns all Forests into Elves > Allosaurus Shepherd turns all Elves into Dinosaurs = All creatures/lands are minimum 5/5 Dinosaur Elf Forest creatures.

Imperious Perfect and Elvish Archdruid improve on that by making your whole field +1/+1 better per each, so if you have them all out for example your whole field would be +8/+8, making your entire field 13/13 Forest Elf Dinosaur Creatures.

Elvish Warmaster combined with Nylea using the ridiculous amount of mana from your Nissa/Elvish Archdruid/Llanowars ramps the everliving hell out of the Dinosaur Elf Forest creatures giving them Trample and Deathtouch, making it so that your damage is.. pretty unstoppable.

Still debating on whether the Freyalise and Nissa are necessary, and if I should just add 4 Nyxbloom Ancients for even more ramp in mana generation.

Two glaring problems with this deck - It is EXTREMELY vulnerable to board wiping; and once the deck gets going, you can easily draw out your entire deck in one or two turns (this is a double edged sword; sometimes it means you win, sometimes you lose because of it).

Thoughts and suggestions are welcome. This was a 1am fever dream deck, so any help is appreciated.


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