Dense Foliage

Dense Foliage


Creatures can't be the targets of spells.

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Dense Foliage Discussion

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Warweaver's Chant

1 month ago

Worchatz: Thanks for the comment and the upvote, I really appreciate that. Regarding your suggestions, here's what I think:

Shamanic Revelation is great, I'll try to get it for the deck. Spiteful Visions is awesome, but I'll find another slot than that of Sapling. Her indestructibility is just too important here. Dense Foliage is interesting, but I don't get why it's that great here. Semi-shroud is cool, but I like my spot removal, and not being able to use it feels bad. Druids' Repository is super-cool, definitely going in. I decided against Grim Hireling. It's a fine card, but too fragile for the deck. I'm unsure about Heartless Summoning. The mana discount is great, but shrinking my creatures seems counterproductive here.

Lots of things to think about, thank you very much for the input.

Oldbear on Ruric TharrrrRRRRRRHHHHHH!

3 months ago

I've never seen Nullstone Gargoyle, that casting cost is high but you're right it would be cool in this deck. Heartless Hidetsugu is a great idea thank you! Dense Foliage could be good, it's kind of like a pared-back Asceticism. I will consider it. Detritivore, man what a wordy card, is another I'd not seen before. It would be really good if I was playing in a more competitive meta we're all kind of newer players so there aren't many lands people are running that really need to be taken care of (except Field of the Dead).


carpecanum on Ruric TharrrrRRRRRRHHHHHH!

3 months ago

Nullstone Gargoyle is fun with Ruric Thar. You need to cast at least 2 noncreature spells to get one spell off.

If you're going to try and put out Lifelink stuff Heartless Hidetsugu is hilarious.

Dense Foliage protects you from spells and prevents opponents from targeting their own creatures with spells.

Dualcaster Mage, Captivating Crew and Detritivore can act like Sorceries / instants

brandonplaysmagic on Te Mana o te Whenua [The Power of the Land]

3 months ago

Great deck! More mono-green, the better!

I’ve found that I always want to find space for Tireless Tracker in everything I’ve got green in, just because stalling out due to lack of card draw is a huge thing mid game.

Since you’re trying to drop Multani out super early, some protection from Asceticism or Dense Foliage may be super helpful.

Since Multani relies so heavily on everyone’s hand size, something like a Horn of Greed (although benefiting your opponents) helps keep you AND their hands full. Might be interesting if you’re willing to try it out. Again, super cool idea here!

MLS91 on Vorinclex, Counters & Superfriends

9 months ago

Woodfall Primus to combo with Renata, Called to the Hunt

Undergrowth Champion because he is also very VERY resilient in this deck

Dense Foliage is great protection for your creatures, but you'd have to see if this card has will interfere with any creatures that "move" or have "graft" like abilities, be aware that this card is symmetrical with the whole board however and not just your side, in that case i'd recommend Asceticism

cards like Phyrexian Swarmlord , Spinebiter , and Putrefax sound right up your alley.

to help your creatures get through as well, consider Bellowing Tanglewurm

carpecanum on Make a Sand Token and Maybe I'll Actually Cast You

1 year ago

Creatures with useful abilities and "Bestow" might pull double duty with this deck. First cast just put it on whatever. If things get killed the base creature is back on the field waiting for you to mutate it.

Dense Foliage. Would that protect your creatures from spells while still leaving them open for mutation? I'm old and mutate is new so not sure.

carpecanum on

1 year ago

Dense Foliage or Aspect of Mongoose are good defense for Animar.

Scuttlemutt can come out cheap and make mana but most importantly it can change the color of something to take advantage of Animar's protection abilities.

Birds of Paradise is one of the only cards that get Animar out on turn 2 besides the Gilded Goose i see you already have in there

Forge of Heroes

Mindclaw Shaman can be amazing depending on your meta, Shaman of the Great Hunt works great in my Animar deck.

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