Comprehensive List of Bear Cards:

Here is a comprehensive list of all bear cards in the game. The list includes cards that have the bear creature type, the word "Bear" in the card name, and cards with bears in the artwork.

I have also listed a few flavorful bear-like cards in the maybe-board. This includes flavor text that refer to bears, not including other English uses of the word "bear" such as, "He bears the mark." It includes things that bears do such as hibernate or references to honey that may still be flavorful. I also included all of the "all creature type" things in here or tribal enablers. Finally my one exception is allowing for a few of the "forebear" references because hilarious alters will happen.

If you know of any cards with a bear in the artwork that I have missed, I would love to have it listed here for others to reference.

Thank you!


Two of Goreclaw and Flaxen Intruder as the promo versions are not working, so they are place holders

Gorilla Shaman is not showing the correct alternate version which has a bear in the artwork

Lightning bolt has a new artwork with a bear at the center, it is amazing. Will try and format it.


Updates Add

New version of flash in Masters 25 has a bear in the artwork. We 50% Flash Hulk now!

Added, also Mishra's Toy Workshop continues to not work properly.


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