Patron of the Orochi


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Betrayers of Kamigawa (BOK) Rare

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Patron of the Orochi

Legendary Creature — Spirit

Snake offering (You may play this card any time you could play an instant by sacrificing a Snake and paying the difference in mana costs between this and the sacrificed Snake. Mana cost includes color.)

: Untap all Forests and all green creatures. Activate this ability only once each turn.

Patron of the Orochi Discussion

Messere on A green-blue snake deck who ...

1 week ago

Hi everybody, i'm new in this forum, and my first thread is about my first deck. The idea of this deck is based on Kaminagawa's edition Snakes, who most of them, when inflict damage to a creature, make them TAP and don't UNtap during the opponent's turn, plus using some blu sorcery or instant who can TAP other creatures. The ultimate combo that i have in mind for this deck is to play Shisato, Whispering Hunter , maybe equipped with some Aura or Equipment who give him the protection from abilites or spell, or being unblockable (like Whispersilk Cloack), and then strat attack the opponent, using blue Istant or Sorcery to TAP his creatures (who will not UNtap until Shisato will be able to continue to attack), maybe with Nature's Will in play to also TAP his lands.

The problem is...what type of creatures and spell i need to have, to achieve this result? I've already have this deck, with some snakes who give me mana, like Sakura-Tribe Elder , Coiling Oracle or Orochi Sustainer , some combat snakes like Matsu-Tribe Sniper , Matsu-Tribe Decoy , Sosuke, Son of Seshiro , Seshiro the Anointed , Patagia Viper , Lorescale Coatl or some big snakes like Patron of the Orochi or Hooded Hydra ... but how can i build my deck to work fine? With which type and how many TAP spells?

If you have any suggestions, i'm all listening

Snowmen1 on This deck is a Real BoP! Turn 2 Kill!

3 months ago

Hey, thanks for the comment. A lot of these cards have a place, but I just need to update my deck description. One of my biggest worries with the deck is having a lot of mana, but nothing to do with it. It takes you from having an otherwise winning position, but you just spin your wheels after that. To fix this I tried to fit a lot of value creatures in the deck.

as for what you said about the current build, Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip is awesome. On top of being a card that can just get you far ahead of your opponent when you have a lot of mana, with infinite mana you can search for him or play him off of chord, and then activate him until you get a Walking Ballista for the win. I could see a 3-2 split for my tutor cards, but I dont know which I would have more of. Both actually have significant upsides. I'll Update my list so it has at least an explanation for Finale of Devastation and Chord of Calling fully explained.

as for Hydroid Krasis , I picked this card out for a number of reasons. when you have a lot of mana, this can win you games and put you in a really good position by giving you a lot of cards and gaining you a lot of life. On infinite you can actually cast it for a win too. I will also add this in the deck description. I think I would like at least one because it has been pretty sweet. This may be a win more card, but so far it has really mostly just secured me into a winning game board position.

I think I agree on Mystic Snake , even if I needed a utility creature like that, Spell Queller would be better. It does kind of work with Patron of the Orochi , but thats not really why I have either.

Now as for Patron of the Orochi . This is actually a win-con. I am still looking for cards that may fill this slot better, but this is the best I have found so far. By just casting it with some mana dorks out, you can generate a lot of mana to feed into recruiters and leylines while still being able to attack. The bigger reason I have patron is because I can tap all of my mana dorks cast a finale for X = 10, and get patron. From there I pump my whole team from finale and untap them with my hasty patron, allowing me to swing for what is probably a game winning attack. May be win more, but this is what I have currently for that slot.

as for ice fang, it seems cool on paper, but I dont see it being too good. by replacing my basics with snow basics I could sometimes get it to have deathtouch, but I think that most of the time it will just be a 1/1 with flying and flash because I would need 3 snow basics on the field. drawing a card is really sweet though, and with some of the changes you suggested I will have room for card draw effects, Im just not sure if ice fang is the card draw effect the deck needs.

I think with the space I have I can afford to put a knight of autumn into the main.

Some other things that I want to do that having these 4 or so slots opened up is include at lease a 1 of cryptic command. I can probably reliably cast one on turn 3 if needed and it will give the deck a lot more capability to play a long game. This also lets me play the classic Eternal Witness and Cryptic Command soft lock on top of being able to interract more.

Anyways thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it! Feel free to give any comments on the updated list!

JKRice on This deck is a Real BoP! Turn 2 Kill!

3 months ago

I actually love this deck! It's a fun bant combo deck that isn't totally unfair, which is super rare in modern. I have multiple suggestions.

1: I think if you have four Duskwatch Recruiter  Flips and four Chord of Calling s, that will be enough. Also running Finale of Devastation is a little much. The most I would do is four duskwatch, then split the tutors 3-2 (or i guess 4-1), for a total of nine cards that win the game on infinite mana.

2: Even with 20 lands, I don't think you should count on instant speed Chord of Calling interaction, since you have to have six open lands on your opponent's turn in order for it to be useful. Maybe just stick to 3-4 copies of a single utility card? I would advise against running mystic snake.

3: Hydroid Krasis isn't doing much. This is another x-cost card that isnt super useful unless you already have lots of mana. I think the general thing with having mana sinks is that if you have too many, they take up slots that could be filled with card draw (so you can assmble the combo in the first place) or defense solely for the sake of redundancy. I would say you have too many mana sinks right now.

4: I'm not sure why Patron of the Orochi is in there? if you have infinite mana you dont really need him. I guess he synergizes with mystic snake, but it is still a synergy that isnt very useful.

5: It seems like you go really heavy on the green and blue, whereas white is just a splash for Hall of Heliod's Generosity . This means you only really need one or two duals that tap for white, and the rest can be fetches or basics. This frees you up to play the best new simic card, Ice-Fang Coatl , along with some snow basics. This lets you draw into the combo and provides some serious defense until you can combo off.

6: I like Knight of Autumn a lot, in case you were considering sticking that mainboard, but I don't think you should go beatdown as an alternate path. You have enough redundancy on the combo that you don't necessarily need an alternate wincon until game two, by which point you will have sideboarded. In the mainboard, I think the noncombo creatures shouls be defensive, which is why I like KoA (kills artifacts, protects life total).

7: Maybe throw in a singleton Idyllic Tutor ? then a again, maybe don't.

LadyZ on Azusa, the Promised End

3 months ago

For mono-green I always like Patron of the Orochi . Also, since you seem to be interested in getting a lot of lands/mana, maybe think about Budoka Gardener , Myojin of Life's Web , and Karametra's Acolyte .

JuQ on Wurms in the Apples

3 months ago

Any vehicle would allow you to tap any number of creratures at will.
Maybe you could add a Seedborn Muse , Patron of the Orochi or similar effects to untap your creatures after your turn and be ready for enemy attacks.
How do you find the Throne? Maybe Shamanic Revelation , Skullclamp or Lifeblood Hydra would prove useful refilling your hand while digging in your library to find your wincons.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Idea for a Squirrel Commander

3 months ago

dbpunk - I wanted to create a "big- Squirrel Nest " effect that couldn't be abused in an infinite combo (i.e. Earthcraft ). Even without breaking it in a combo, two activations in one turn with something like Patron of the Orochi is still insanely strong. Hence the additional clause, but I see your point about it being rather confusing.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Idea for a Squirrel Commander

3 months ago

For those of you unfamiliar with me, I have a soft spot for squirrels in MTG. One of my first decks as a young kid centered around Squirrel Nest and Squirrel Mob . Unfortunately, the tribe only receives (black bordered) support once-and-a-while. I currently have a squirrel deck helmed by Patron of the Orochi , but I'd like to see a dedicated squirrel commander.

It is my personal belief that if squirrels are to ever get a legendary creature, it will be in the upcoming Kaldheim set. Though little is known about Kaldheim yet, one thing is for certain, it will be a Norse mythology theme. That theme opens up the possibility of a card pertaining to the god Ratatoskr. For those unfamiliar with the god, Ratatoskr is essentially a messenger god who travels the world tree, Yggdrasil. He exchanges messages between the eagle at the top of the world tree and the snake below the tree. Like most squirrels, he is also kind of a dick.

Now on the rare occasion WotC creates a squirrel related card, they tend to do it in a tangential way. Most squirrel related cards create tokens while most creatures who care about squirrels are Druids. The only two actual (black bordered) squirrels are Squirrel Mob and Krosan Beast . With that in mind, here is my idea for a legendary squirrels-matter creature:

Sk├║mr, Voice of Ratatoskr - 2

Legendary Creature - Human Druid

Forests you control have "tap : Create a 1/1 green Squirrel creature token. Activate this ability only once each turn"


I opted for a different route than the traditional +1/+1 lord. Thoughts, comments?

CyborgAeon on Raging River

4 months ago

Hi there,

So my initial thoughts are: You've got WAY too many ways to get extra lands; while each one of these is: "tap: draw a card, gain 1 life" in Tatyova (with something like Simic Growth Chamber ) it doesn't mean that you need nearly that many.

The large number makes this feel like a land-ball style, where you just keep balling lands until you hit a win condition ( Storm Cauldron + Stasis / craterhoof). That's great, but quite cyclical. So my initial suggestions look at the following factors:

1: You'd like this deck to have a lot of replay value and be strong. 2: You don't want this deck to be -too- strong that it gives you a bad rep.

With both of those factors in mind, I'd like to ask: there are many types of Tatyova builds you could go for, what playstyle/archetype suits you and your playgroup best?

For example, Tatyova works with a lot of archetypes.

You've built the 'Land-ball' which is combo-y, but mostly just a fast land-loop 'til you play a win-condition.

Another is control, wherein you use lands and catch-all cards to slow opponents down while you find/grind a win (find/grind meaning - you either find your combo or win con, grind meaning that you go in for the beat-down strat with Tatyova and value creatures).

Traditional lands is another archetype that plays similar to control, using silver-bullet land cards to hinder or stop your opponents, while you find your engine/win condition and end the game from there. Classic win conditions include: Dark depths + thespian stage. Azusa + crucible + strip mine.

Storm is a simple way to play Tatyova - you play a midrange until the turn that you're ready to go off, and at that point you get to really show some explosiveness (this is often dull for opponents if you're not fast/well versed with storming off alone).

Value-town is another major archetype that Tatyova lends herself well to. Plenty of great cards have good synergy with this: Patron of the Moon , Patron of the Orochi , Liege of the Tangle , Multani.

Stax is my personal favourite and what I built before moving to storm, as stax-yova allows you to run cards like Mana Vortex alongside Crucible of Worlds and Life from the Loam in order to create a boardstate where your opponents are suffering beneath tax effects and you are creating a gap of disparity that is insurmountable.

There's others I'm sure, but these are the first few to come to mind.

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Patron of the Orochi occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%

Green: 0.13%