Our play group is doing a budget tribal league but with a few additional stipulations.

1.)Whichever tribe we choose has to have less than 200 deck variants on EDHREC.com.

2.)Budget $50 or under

3.)Must have a minimum of 18 creatures (cards) from that tribe. *We have also banned Ninjas and Treefolk even though they meet that criteria.

After scouring the internet I finally landed on Volrath heading a team of rogues. The deck would obviously be ran by Leovold if given the fact he wasnt banned and his anti-budget price tag. The Sultai color wheel gives us access to some of the best rogues in MTG history. The other other was Marchesa heading Grixis rogues but the addition of green offer too many synergistic cards.

Volrath himself wont offer too much synergy to our game plan which is to stick a few rogues that can preferably loot for us and get our deck filtered for my threats and answers to opponents boards states. His ability will incidentally be functional from some of our rogues because of random +1/+1 counters that appear as a sub-theme with the creature type rogues along with being unblockable. Making an unblockable 7/5 commander that can kill in 3 hits seems good. He can also snipe small bodied creatures and become an opponents threat if they offer any better targets.


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