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[Upgraded][C14] Built From Scratch - Tinker Deck

Commander / EDH* Artifact Mono-Red Tribal



Price: 120 Euro on cardmarket.com(You can leave out Wurmcoil Engine to save 15 Euro, but I included it since it's in the "Built from Scratch" deck anyways!)


  • Build your own factory - 100% Tinker
  • Recurring artifacts
  • Many artifact-combs like the Kaladesh-Module Comb or Mirrodin-Station Comb
  • Highly synergistic artifacts
  • Myr subtheme

Deck theme song:


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This deck is not Commander / EDH legal.

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+5 Myr Turbine main
+2 Pilgrim's Eye main
-5 Myr Retriever main
+5 Myr Retriever main
-5 Iron Myr main
+3 Wurmcoil Engine main
-5 Prototype Portal main
+5 Arcane Lighthouse main
-5 Faithless Looting main
+4 Blinkmoth Urn main
+3 Nevinyrral's Disk main
-5 Ichor Wellspring main
+1 Blasting Station main
+2 Myr Welder main
-4 Explorer's Scope main
-5 Lodestone Golem main
+2 Wurmcoil Engine main
-5 Myr Battlesphere main
-3 Animation Module main
+2 Junk Diver main
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